It has been a success and that is why Harley is preparing a Pan America CVO to compete with the most exclusive and equipped trail bikes.

The next January 24 Harley-Davidson will present some of its most important new features for this season, among which it is confirmed that there will be a Pan America 2024 in CVO edition (Custom Vehicle Operations), becoming the brand’s first non-custom frame to hold this privilege.

As published by Motorcycle colleagues, the Milwaukee firm would have requested the registration of this new variant of the model with the California Air Resources Board (California Records Office).

Harley-Davidson Pan America CVO 2024: High-flying Adventure

In this way, in addition to the already known Pan America 1250 versions, and the variant 1250 Specialthe model will have a third version in the form of Pan America 1250 CVO. It will do so while keeping the technical specifications unchanged, unlike what happens with some special CVO versions in the custom segment.

As a significant fact, this new Pan America 1250 CVO declares an empty weight of about 20 kilograms above what its range sisters currently approve. This is due, most likely, to the introduction of some key elements within its complete equipment.

The Pan America 2024 enters the select Harley-Davidson CVO club

In addition, this CVO version will have a specific color scheme, giving it extra exclusivity compared to the two already known versions of the model. However, in the mechanical and dynamic aspect, it is very likely that we will not find relevant changes.

This means that this Pan America CVO will continue to have the same engine that powers the rest of the models in the range. We talk about the already known V-Twin DOHC Revolution Max 1250 with 150 HP at 8,750 rpm and 125 Nm at 6,750 rpmassisted slipper clutch, liquid cooling and variable valve timing (VVT).

In the cycle part, Harley-Davidson is committed to integrating the engine as a structural part of the multi-tubular chassis, arranged in three sections: Steel front chassis and subframe, with aluminum central piece, like the swingarm. Likewise, it uses a top-level technological compendium in charge of giving the best in the suspension and braking section.

The Pan America 2024 enters the select Harley-Davidson CVO club

In this regard, the Showa BFF semi-active electronic suspension (47 mm inverted fork and monoshock with separate reservoir) with 5 operating modes (Comfort, Balanced, Sport, Offroad Firm and Offroad Soft).

In the coming days we will be able to expand this information, if the brand finally reveals at its event scheduled for January 24, this CVO variant of its Pan America 2024and the equipment that will make it up definitively.

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