It is an electric scooter, it is made of wood, it goes over 120 km/h and it is for sale

We are at a crucial moment for planet Earth, and for the beings that inhabit it. The changes in climate are unquestionable and experts say that by doing our part we can stop it. So that is why we live in the era of the electric and the natural.

And this scooter that we have located combines the two things. On the one hand, it is electric because it has the electric motor of a Vectrix VX-1 as well as its entire cycle part, while the rest is made using mahogany wood.

Of course, there is a trick and that is that not the entire motorcycle is made of wood, but rather it is a coating on a fiberglass casing that, in reality, is a fundamental part. In any case, this is a handmade work in which all the details were taken into account, such as the aluminum moldings or the leather seat.

Style and design, inspired by the glamor of the interwar times of the last century, are part of the essence of this wooden scooter. But there’s more than that beneath a casing that could have been signed by Gepetto himself.

Under the wood there is even more work

And, like almost everything in life, what is important is inside. In this case, as we mentioned before, there is the engine of a Vectrix VX-1 that Steve Patmont, the creator of this gem, bought in 2019.

It was a model capable of exceeding 123 km/h in 2007 and already had a range then that exceeded 100 kilometers. There it is. But Steve went one step further and attached the 19-module batteries of a Nissan Leaf that have a power of 6 kWh, and offer a range of nearly 200 kilometers.

The design is Art Deco style

In case you want to investigate further and you are in the United States (through Facebook Market Place) the motorcycle is for sale for $10,500, which today would be just over 9,600 euros, only 250 euros more than Steve’s cost. to create it. Without a doubt a more than interesting piece for motorcycle collectors.

Surely Jay Leno has already noticed her…

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