It is electric, with 160 km of autonomy, can be taken with the A1 and costs less than 2,000 euros

The Indian manufacturer Svitch has just presented its electric motorcycle to society, the CSR 762. For less than 2,000 euros in exchange, this start up offers you a product equivalent to a 125 cc, with 13.5 HP of power, 110 km/h and a range of up to 160 km on a single charge. As we see, Asian electric motorcycles are coming out like mushrooms in season.

Svitch has indicated that the CSR 762 It will arrive at the brand’s official Indian dealerships at the end of autumn this year. As we already mentioned before, and to put in context, 27,500 Svitch CSR762 They have already been ordered in advance. Yes, this figure is correct. But, be careful. The Indian market is not like the European one, as you already assume. The number of units sold is significantly higher, because it is “soft”, with respect to the number of motorcycles sold on the old continent.

This is the Svitch CSR 762

With the drive positioned centrally, the power from the electric motor reaches the rear wheel via a chain and produces 3 kilowatts permanently. The maximum power estimated by the brand is 13.5 HP with a maximum torque of 56 Nm.

The Svitch CSR 762 It boasts a range of 160 km, backed by two removable batteries that, together, have a capacity of 3.6 kWh. It is worth noting that the load capacity of the CSR It is impressive, with the capacity to carry up to 200 kg. As a curiosity, it exceeds its own weight of 155 kg.

Svitch CSR 762 electric

Unfortunately, Svitch equip the CSR 762 only with a combined braking system (CBS), which means that both tires (110/80 R17 front and 140/80 R17 rear) are braked simultaneously using the handbrake or foot brake. This represents an economical alternative to 125 cc motorcycles, as it meets legal requirements without the need to equip ABS.

Svitch has chosen to economize compared to European regulations, not only in ABS, but also in load capacity. Both batteries require approximately 4 hours to charge from household power. Another charging feature of the Svitch CSR 762 It is located on the tank cover. Under this lid is a large 40-liter compartment, with a curious transparent space to house a mobile phone.

Although it is unlikely that the Svitch arrive in Europe, if it does, it won’t be before the end of 2024, as it is currently only available for pre-order. And, if it arrives, it obviously won’t cost 2,000 euros.

Svitch CSR 762 electric

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