It is one of the few 6-cylinder motorcycles and with less than 2,000 copies, the Benelli 900 Sei is a collector’s item

The Benelli 900 Sei Over the years it has become an object of desire for collectors and lovers of the brand. Presented in the 1979 season, it replaced the 750 variant that the transalpine firm had been marketing until just a few months ago. Furthermore, until that same 1978 The 750 Sei held the title of being the first production motorcycle equipped with a six-cylinder engine.

After seven years on the market, Benelli’s management team decided that the time had come to go one step further with the model. To achieve this, it was decided to increase the internal dimensions of its engine, achieving the 906 cc displacement.

Now the 900 Sei declared a power of 80 HP at 8,400 rpmenough to launch your 250 kilograms until almost 200 km/h. With a starting price of about 3,675 euros at the timeOr what is the same 31,500 current euroswas not exactly welcomed by the Benelli bosses.

With scarcely 1,878 units sold until 1989, gives us an idea of ​​the sales rate it had annually. To this we must add its delicate maintenance, as well as unreliable electronics, to put it mildly, which made the model a headache for some of its owners.

Dream bikes for sale: Benelli 900 Sei from 1983

Benelli 900 Sei from 1983

This 900 Sei, which we have known on the online portal Ebay, was acquired by its current owner in 2020, in one of the famous Iconic Motorbikes auctions. At that time he paid just over $16,000 for her.

Now he is immersed in the restoration of a Benelli 750 Sei, according to what the colleagues at Bike Urious tell us, as well as in three other classic MV Agustas. That is why he has put his fantastic copy of 900 Sei for an initial price of $19,000approximately 17,500 euros.

Dream bikes for sale: Benelli 900 Sei from 1983

In the sale announcement of the 900 Sei specifies that, currently, it has little more than 18,500 km on your odometer and that the motorcycle runs perfectly. He offers to send extra images and videos where you can see this Italian gem in action. Although it has small aesthetic defects, it is preserved in an enviable condition.

Approximately 1,600 km ago, a thorough inspection was carried out that included:

  • New fluids throughout (oil changed every year)
  • Carburetors rebuilt by Iconic
  • New tires (in 2020)
  • New windshield
  • New tachometer and speedometer cables
  • new battery
  • New body panels (not visible, under rear fender and tool holder)
  • New magnet
  • new fuel tap
  • New side covers (original)
  • New horn (original)
  • New footrests (original)
  • New side stand (original)
  • New turn signals (original shape, original color would be black, currently chrome)
  • Fixed factory issue of poor beam in headlights.
  • new lighthouse
  • Rebuilt oil pan (was leaking due to previous owner overtightening it)

Dream bikes for sale: Benelli 900 Sei from 1983

The bike is currently in Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States and it also includes two keys, manuals and a parts box. For more information, offers or simply to enjoy the images of the advertisement, you can do so by clicking here.

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