It looks like a transformer, but the Surge S32 is a great invention to have a scooter and a rickshaw, all in one

The flourishing Indian startup Arises just released the S32, its peculiar vision regarding electric mobility and something else… As we are seeing, the Delhi-based company has surprised everyone and everyone with this creation. An electric scooter that in less than three minutes transforms into a useful “rickshaw” with three wheels, offering unparalleled versatility.

He S32 Surge has been designed to suit the burgeoning business needs as a “rickshaw» and, at the same time, easily become a high-performance e-scooter, perfect for navigating congested urban traffic. That is, a two for one.

But what is a rickshaw?

A “rickshaw» is a type of vehicle used mainly in some Asian countries for the transportation of passengers. It is characterized by having a structure with two or three wheels, a kind of cabin where the passengers sit and a driver who is in charge of pulling it, or driving it, depending on its design.

Rickshaws can vary in design and appearance depending on the region and the purpose for which they are used. For example, in some places, they are tricycles propelled by a person pedaling, similar to a bicycle with a cabin for passengers in the back. In other cases, especially in India, they are pulled by a person walking behind the vehicle, while the passengers sit in the front.

The “rickshaw» have historically been a common form of transportation in many Asian cities. But today, in many places, they have been replaced by motorized vehicles, such as scooters, due to comfort and efficiency considerations. However, in some areas they are still used as a traditional, economical transport option, and have also been adapted to electric versions to reduce the workload of drivers and improve sustainability.

And, as we are seeing, the S32 takes it a step further by uniting all of those concepts into one. This amazing change is achieved with a simple touch of a button. Pressing the button raises the front windshield vertically, revealing the e-scooter inside, while the cabin instantly transforms using an ingenious spring-loaded double-oscillation mechanism.

S32 Surge

Inside the cabin of the electric vehicle, Hero Motocorp It has incorporated top-quality equipment, including windshield, interior lighting, optional doors for protection against inclement weather, LED headlights and digital scoreboard.

Features Surge S32

He S32 It has a separate powertrain for different classes of vehicles with automatic transmission depending on the segment. That is, when the S32 it’s a “rickshaw» with three wheels, has a power of 13.4 hp. But, when it is in the form of an e-scooter, the power is reduced to 4 HP, with 11 kWh and 3.5 kWh batteries respectively. The maximum speed declared by the brand is 50 km/h with two wheels and 60 with three.

S32 Surge

Versatility, obviously, increases exponentially when this vehicle has 3 wheels. In fact, as “rickshaw» has a maximum load capacity of 500 kg, making it an ideal choice for various commercial operations.

By the way, in the motorcycle industry, in its case of water, there is also something similar: the «wave boats«, another great invention.

S32 Surge

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