It was born as an urban motorcycle, but now the Grom HRC is a complete competition motorcycle

Every year, since the 2016 season, Honda has held the one-make cup “HRC GROM Cup” and also in 2021 it officially presented a version Grom HRC to be able to participate in this local sporting event. For this reason, recently, the Japanese firm has announced the launch of the 2024 variant of this spectacular minibike.

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Although the argument that supports the sales of the current Honda MSX125 Grom is that of versatility, usefulness and economy, the Grom HRC jumps over all of them to become a true “giant killer” within any mousetrap track.

Honda MSX125 Grom HRC 2024 in detail

To this end, Honda entrusts the development of this racing version to its sports department. HRC. And no, we are not only talking about a series of aesthetic changes that manage to give it a truly racing to Honda’s little citizen mount.

Honda already has a 2024 version of its Grom HRC

HRC eliminates all those unnecessary parts for driving on a track: headlights, brake lights, etc. In addition, the HRC kit has a new ECU, sports racing exhaust, speed control switch in the pit lane and the option to use different driving modes on each circuit.

The engine has a 5-speed gearbox and claims a greater power range. Likewise, we find a new sports handlebar and the seat position has been lowered to improve ergonomics on the track. The tires are supplied by Dunlop and developed specifically for this version.

Honda already has a 2024 version of its Grom HRC

As icing on the cake, the Honda Grom HRC It sports the war colors of the golden wing brand, combined with the gold details of its inverted front fork or the yellow and red that stands out in the commercial name and brand of its tires.

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