It’s like a Swiss army knife, it works for everything. This is the new Vertigo Linko 125, an all-terrain mount and more

Vertigo Motors just announced his new offroad modelthe Linko 125. A motorcycle with which the Barcelona brand goes one step further than what we were used to until now. That is, to the development of frames specifically intended for trial practice.

The new Linko is a product that the Spanish firm has designed and worked on in a special way, with “tranquility and good food.” It was in the summer of 2022 when we were wondering if Vertigo could be working on a registrable enduro model, and the answer has arrived a year and a half later in the form of this all-terrain mount in its broadest meaning.

Vertigo Linko 125 in detail

Just by taking a first look we can get an idea of ​​what we can expect from a motorcycle like the Linko. Halfway between a standard enduro, with clear trail reminiscences, and a conventional trail, the Linko manages to encompass a series of technical characteristics that give it a high level of versatility, whether on or off the road.

To start your booster, a 125 cc 4-stroke single cylinderfed by an injection system, developed by the brand itself, which is associated with a 5-speed gearbox.

Vertigo Linko 125: An all-terrain vehicle in the broadest sense of the word

This works together with a cycle part where its multi-tubular chassis in 25Cr-Mo4 steel finished in the brand’s corporate green color. The swingarm is made of aluminum.

The suspension is provided by a hydraulic telescopic fork and a hydraulic monoshock actuated by linkages, both with adjustments to fully enjoy mixed asphalt-dirt driving.

Vertigo Linko 125: An all-terrain vehicle in the broadest sense of the word

For its part, the braking system has a 263 mm front disc with four-piston caliper and a 200 mm rear discalso activated by a four-piston caliper.

In the finishes and equipment section, the Linko has everything necessary for continued use, but it has that degree of simplicity that one looks for in a motorcycle of this type. Among the most important elements to mention we would highlight:

  • Crankcase protector
  • Seat for two occupants
  • Gap under the seat
  • LED lighting
  • LCD digital display
  • Rear passenger grab handle

Vertigo Linko 125: An all-terrain vehicle in the broadest sense of the word

The Vertigo Motors engineering team has commented on their new Linko: “The Linko represents the culmination of years of dedication and extensive testing. Every detail has been carefully evaluated to ensure that this motorcycle not only meets, but exceeds the expectations of two-wheeled fans.”

Although we do not yet know its final price, we can confirm that the new Vertigo Linko 125 cc will be available in the brand’s dealers starting next March.

For more information and details you can consult the official website of the Catalan firm.

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