IZI’s Ride, an anarchic “mutant” and movie-like custom that will drive you crazy

Royal Enfield or wanted to pass up the opportunity to introduce us to IZI’s Ride, a futuristic preparation that just made its debut in the recently released movie The Kitchen. Recreated on the platform of the new Shotgun 650, this “mutant” anarchic custom wont leave anybody indiferent.

The Indo-British brand received the script for a new Netflix film, about to start production; co-directed, co-written and co-produced by Oscar and Golden Globe winner, Daniel Kaluuyawith Kane Robinson from Top Boy, also known as Kano in the lead role.

Royal Enfield was given a unique challenge: to design a unique motorcycle that would fit perfectly into the near-future world of “The Kitchen” set in a dystopian London where inequality is social and unchecked.

Segregation based on income and racial lines is endemic, Izi (played by Kano) and Benji (played by Jedaiah Bannerman, in his debut role) struggle to survive in the world in which they find themselves.

The IZI’s Ride of Royal Enfield would play an integral part of the film’s narrative, as well as being a source of status, independence and identity in the life of Kano’s character Izi.

In creative collaboration with the multidisciplinary artist and musician Gaika Tavares (brother of the film’s co-director Kibwe Tavares), the customization team of the Royal Enfield Technology Center in the United Kingdom began a process of conceptual creativity to develop a machine that felt completely integrated into this unique setting.

Initially, some designs were inspired by iconic sci-fi references, some others were more brutal and neo-retro in their appearance, paying homage to certain aspects of cyber-punk film culture and nods to nostalgic street fashion.

Through a process of creative refinement and fusion, taking ideas and inspiration in different directions: thus an anarchic “mutant” custom was born. Built on the new Shotgun 650 platform, the IZI’s Ride is a bold tribute to this same culture of customization embedded in the DNA of the Royal Enfield brand.

With it, the brand celebrates the unique sense of individuality that defines any custom construction. Paying homage to its precursor, the SG650 Concept (first shown at EICMA 2021) with its neo-dystopian design and radical aesthetic, the IZI’s Ride It shows us what the customs of tomorrow would be like.

Main features of IZI’s Ride

  • Tire covers for the front and rear wheels: prototype
  • Monocoque tank and seat part: prototype and milled foam
  • Integrated LED and methacrylate rear light
  • New subframe: made of steel
  • Replacement side covers: prototype
  • Fork caps with integrated LED lighting – prototyping and milling
  • Swingarm Covers – Prototyping
  • Custom colors and graphics: paint and vinyl.

IZI's Ride, an anarchic custom "mutant" built on the platform of the new Shotgun 650

Adrian Sellers, Royal Enfield’s Custom & Motorsport program director, says; “We are very excited to write a new chapter in the history of Royal Enfield in terms of rapid evolution of design and customization with the IZI’s Ride”.

And he continues talking about the IZI’s Ride: “It has been a true honor and certainly a first for us as a brand, to be so prominently involved in a major Netflix film and to be inspired by the design and begin the conceptualization process, literally reading the pages of a great script cinematic written by an Oscar winner.”

“Having the opportunity to work with such a large team of incredible creatives, actors, directors and designers, all at the top of their game, has been an experience we have enjoyed.”

“To create a motorcycle that was truly believable and looked ‘at home’ within such a future and dystopian environment while, at the same time, being instantly recognizable as carrying the custom DNA of Royal Enfield, “It was a real challenge.”

IZI's Ride, an anarchic custom "mutant" built on the platform of the new Shotgun 650

“In fact, we ended up making two identical motorcycles, as there were a number of requirements in the script for which the motorcycle had to be crashed, scraped and generally abused.”

“The film’s riding and stunt scenes are very impressive, and the film certainly sheds light on various elements of the largely misunderstood underground motorcycle subculture. The entire project was incredibly collaborative and rewarding to develop.”

Concludes: “It required creative input from many different aspects of our in-house design team, from industrial design to color finishing and Graphics and CGI, as well as harnessing the vision and creativity of an artist as renowned and respected as Gaika. Each member has contributed their piece to the puzzle to bring this one to life. IZI’s Ride.”

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