Kaneda’s motorcycle from Akira exists, it’s amazing, it works and you can buy it!

Some time ago we saw how some Akira fans had created Kaneda’s motorcycle, the main protagonist, and the truth is that the results have been good. It is also true that there have been big brands that have made tributes, such as Honda, and that there are even Lego figures so you can build your own motorcycle.

But what we bring you today is to go one step further, because the Barcelona studio Bel&Bel Artworks has created a version of Kaneda’s motorcycle that is a carbon copy in terms of the designs. But it is also fully functional and will be manufactured in limited series.

Yes, just as you read. The idea is to produce a limited series of Kaneda’s motorcycle and the expected prices will not be a gap. We are talking about 20,000 euros, which is not a gift, but taking into account the type of motorcycle, the craftsmanship involved, and the fact that they will be collector’s items, it is reasonable.

Kaneda’s motorcycle will be 100% electric

The motorcycle that we can see is the evolution of the first design, which used a gasoline engine and an electric motor to create a hybrid motorcycle. However, the new version of this Kaneda motorcycle goes one step further and will be completely electric, also including reverse gear.

We do not believe that the motorcycle can do the skids that Kaneda did nor that someone, knowing the value of the piece and what it can gain over time if it is kept in good condition, can do something crazy with it.

What is certain is that the motorcycle will attract attention wherever it goes and we also know that it will go on sale during 2024, so if you want to get yours you should pay attention to Bel&Bel’s movements.

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