Kawasaki KX250 from 2002 in its box and brand new

22 years waiting for someone to take her out of captivity. That’s how long this Kawasaki KX250 has been in its transport box. And the dream motorcycle that we bring today is not that it has never been used, it is that it is literally just as it left the factory in 2002.

This is the 2-stroke model. Although the Kawasaki KX250 still exists and a few years ago they lost the F that gave them their last name, they are four strokes. Today’s evolved models have little to do with those indomitable two-stroke beasts that put drivers like Ricky Carmichael to the test.

Although we didn’t know it for sure in 2002, we were at the beginning of the end of two-strokes in motocross. The evolution that the MX experienced shortly after banished them until two-stroke motorcycles were ignored by riders despite their advantages in terms of economy compared to four-strokes.

The Kawasaki KX250 is just as it left the factory

But in this case there is no need to worry about the mechanics, because this KX250 that is for sale in Elmhurst, Illinois (United States), has not even been started. It is, as we said, just as it left the factory although it must be recognized that the box has suffered the passage of time.

As the seller tells it through Ebay, when he found the motorcycle it had been in dry storage and no one has ever unpacked it, much less started it or driven it. Everything on the bike is completely standard, including certain elements that the new owner should update before using it such as tires, fluids, cooling tubes, gaskets…

There are even the original protective plastics

Even so, taking into account that right now the bid is at 4,200 dollars, which at the exchange rate is 3,880 euros, it is quite a bargain. It is clear that by not selling it at the time someone lost money, but there is also no doubt that the new owner will enjoy a practically collector’s piece and with a decoration similar to the one that today, 22 years later, we can find in the models that commemorate the 50th anniversary of the KX saga.

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