Kawasaki’s 40th anniversary Ninja editions and their legendary decorations, now available

Last November Kawasaki presented its special editions at EICMA 2023 Ninja 40th Anniversary. Initially, he showed us the current Ninja ZX-10R, Ninja ZX-6R Supersport and Ninja ZX-4RR decorated with the famous “Telefónica Colors”.

A few months later, already in 2024, the brand announces the start of marketing this special edition, which will also have the Ninja 650 and Ninja 1000 SXdecorated in the image and likeness of the idolized GPZ900R, an icon of the 80s.

In total there are 10 variants that make up this special edition Ninja 40th Anniversaryin charge of celebrating the four decades in the market of these very important acronyms within the two-wheeled sports segment.

Kawasaki Ninja 40th Anniversary Special Editions in Detail

Let’s remember that it is in the season of 1984 when Kawasaki decides to launch a motorcycle on the market that would change everything within the category Hi-Sport of the moment. We are talking of course about the emblematic GPZ900R, a legendary model among followers of the Akashi brand.

Kawasaki's 40th anniversary Ninja editions now available at the brand's official dealers

That first generation Ninja would mark the beginning of a saga of models that, in the following years, would become an object of desire for lovers of racing frames.

For example, the famous ZXR750Raffectionately nicknamed in our country with the nickname “The Telephone”the result of the similarity of its colors with those worn by the Spanish telecommunications company at that time.

Kawasaki's 40th anniversary Ninja editions now available at the brand's official dealers

Now Kawasaki launches these special editions on the market Ninja 40th Anniversarywhere the Ninja 1000SX and Ninja 650 are decked out in a color scheme inspired by that 1984 GPZ900R.

For their part, the new ZX-6R and ZX-4RR and Ninja ZX-10R will wear the colors of Kawasaki World Endurance from the early 90s, adopted for series production in the Kawasaki Ninja ZXR750 of 1989.

Kawasaki's 40th anniversary Ninja editions now available at the brand's official dealers

Main details of the Kawasaki Ninja 40th anniversary

All of them, in addition to showing off the color schemes Firecracker Red / Ebony and Lime Green / Pearl Crystal White / Blue It has a series of special details that further enhance these iconic aesthetics from the end of the last century.

Among them, the 40th Anniversary emblem or the original “Ninja” and “Liquid Cooled” logos stand out. In the case of the Replica versions we also find the frame and the swingarm of the Ninja ZX-10R/ZX-6R/ZX-4RR They are painted silver, which is reminiscent of the aluminum pieces used in the 80s and 90s.

Kawasaki's 40th anniversary Ninja editions now available at the brand's official dealers

Additionally, the outer tubes of the front fork of the Ninja ZX-10R/ZX-6R They are painted in gold, inspired by the front forks of the ZXR400/250. The new gold is a more current and vivid color than the one originally used. The lime green painted wheels add a classic touch.

The brand has just announced that all of them are now available in its network of official dealers. For more information you can visit any of these COs or go directly to the official Kawasaki website.

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