KTM 660 Rally Factory Replica 2007

The acronym RFR (Rally Factory Replica) represent in summum when we talk about Offroad motorcycles made by KTM. Motorcycles designed by and for competition that for many years have dominated the steepest deserts on the planet. This is the example of 660 Rally Factory Replica from 2007 which is currently on sale at Napa, California.

We have met the always attentive friends of Bike Urious who do not miss the opportunity to show the world a dream motorcycle of this level. And according to some sources of information, around 50 units of this model were manufactured annually, all of them destined for competition.

KTM 660 Rally Factory Replica: Born in the desert

Focusing on this specific specimen and in the words of its owner: “I fixed it up to be a light adventure bike.”. Mod List:

  • GPS Trail Tech Voyager
  • Renazco Seat
  • Konflict Motorsports Suspension
  • Hand protectors
  • Top Mount for Highway Dirt Bikes
  • Lyndon Poskitt Racing Mufflers with Spark Arrester
  • Baja Design Squadron LED Headlights

Dream bikes for sale: KTM 660 Rally Factory Replica 2007

Furthermore, the sale of this KTM 660 Rally Factory Replica Includes wiring harness, original navigation equipment, carbon fiber fuel tank and several additional parts. Also a spare engine, although the owner warns that: “in unknown operating condition (upper valve cover cracked)”

It is clear that we are talking about a truly exclusive motorcycle, since in its day there were few things with two wheels that could be more effective in Offroad driving. As MCS points out “The KTM 660 Rally is an incredible beast. No other motorcycle can challenge its ability to perform this task.”.

Dream bikes for sale: KTM 660 Rally Factory Replica 2007

As relevant data of the model we can highlight its capacity to transport up to 48 liters of fuel, as well as a curb weight of less than 200 kilograms. The team of WP suspension “black leg” or a brake disc on each axle, were part of standard equipment.

If you are interested in this copy of the KTM 660 Rally Factory Replica, you just have to try to contact its owner at this link and prepare the $19,000 he is requesting for it. about 17,500 euros. Expensive or cheap, it is something that could be debated. Its iconicity and symbolism within the world of competition… Not at all.

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