KYMCO announces a substantial discount for its range of scooters after increasing sales by 21.6% in 2023

KYMCOin it top 3 motorcycle brands with the highest sales volume in Spainhas announced a significant price reduction for all of its range of scooters of up to 500 euros and free registrationafter increasing its sales by 21.6% in 2023 and add 15,805 units registered.

Carlos WangGeneral Director of KYMCO Spain, commented: “It has been an exercise in which we have overcome great challenges. We unfold the best-selling 125cc ‘Agility’; and its two versions, Agility City Plus (6,681 units) and Agility S 125 ABS (2,186 units), have achieved record registrations in the ‘2 Wheels’ market, 8,867 units in 2023. We have thus been closer to users and we will continue working to better reach them, in the current period of need for agile and efficient mobility.”

Private motorcycle users mostly prefer scooters (55.6% have chosen this option last year), especially those for specifically urban use (3 out of every 4 registered scooters have displacements of 50 cc and 125 cc).

KYMCO, the second most popular scooter brand, increased sales of its range of scooters 32.3% in 2023, with a share of 17.33%. The brand has continued this upward trend and, in January 2024, it has recorded an increase in 12.80% of urban scooter sales, that is, it is growing at twice the speed of the sector (5.57%).

Important promotional campaigns across its entire range of scooters

From this leadership position and with this desire to continue being with private users, the brand will apply significant discounts and include free registration throughout the range of scooters starting next week. The campaign, named ‘Outlet Sale’extends from next February 5 to March 31, both included.

KYMCO increases its sales by 21.6% in 2023 and announces a substantial discount for its range of scooters

The Aglity City Plus and Agility S 125 ABS will be sold by 2,249 euros and 2,649 euros, respectively (savings of 150 euros). The biggest discount for your range of scooters is 500 euros and will apply to the KYMCO flagship, Xciting VS 400, whose recommended price drops to 6,499 euros; and the DTX 350 adventure crossover, which will be sold for only 5,199 euros.

The high wheel scooter People S 125will be located in the 3,199 euros, with a discount of 300 euros. For its part, the X-Town CT 125 will be priced at only 3,799 euros (discount of 400 euros) and only 4,299 euros (discount of 400 euros) for its 300 cc version.

The 125 cc crossover adventure version, DTX 125, will be priced at 4,049 euros (450 euros less) and 4,399 euros (400 euros less) in the version that equips TCS traction control. For more information about any of the models that make up the KYMCO scooter range You can visit the official website of the brand.

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