KYMCO wants a simulated manual gearbox to fool our senses. Is that how it works

KYMCO Since the 2018 season, it has been shaping its future range of high-performance electric models, initially made up of the well-known SuperNEX and RevoNEX.

That is why it has just filed the registration of a patent referring to a system of simulated manual gearbox with which it aims to improve the riding sensations in its next plug-in mounts.

Simulated KYMCO manual gearbox: Operation and objective

As detailed by Ben Purvis from Cycle World, this simulated manual gearbox It would have, according to the patent images, both a clutch lever and a conventional gear lever, the same as what we can find on a standard motorcycle.

The complexity of the matter is given by the operation itself of this simulated manual gearboxwhich, as the description of the patent itself indicates, would be responsible for emulating the transition that is made every time we engage a gear in any conventional system of relationships.

KYMCO registers the patent for a simulated manual gearbox for its electric models

For this, there would not be a gearbox as such, beyond the elements already mentioned, handle and gear lever. Among other things, because including a gear system would mean an increase in weight, one of the biggest handicaps which plug-in models currently have.

Therefore, the system in charge of commanding this simulated manual gearboxwould work in a coordinated manner with the algorithms that manage all the engine parameters.

In this way, an orderly staggering could be established taking into account determining factors such as torque, rpm or throttle positioning, at all times.

KYMCO registers the patent for a simulated manual gearbox for its electric models

In addition, we could program the system’s operation to taste, that is, establish the first speed with movement up or down and the rest of the gears in accordance with this setting, and vice versa.

We would also have the possibility of adapting this simulated gearbox to the different driving modes that the model had, as well as the rest of the systems in charge of managing the driving aids (traction control, ABS, anti wheelie, etc.)

Definitely; We are talking about a system that would have the function of “deceiving our most primary senses.” It would even act in coordination with a sound emulator, making the experience even more credible.

KYMCO registers the patent for a simulated manual gearbox for its electric models

We would also see reflected in the instrument panel the gear engaged and even the rpm at which the engine would theoretically be working, based on numerous parameters responsible for calculating this figure at all times (electronic accelerator, torque emitted, speed at which we are traveling. , chosen motor map, etc.)

It may seem surreal and even a complete heresy, but the reality is that in the coming years this type of technology will be definitively installed in many electric models on the market, trying to make up for their lack of sensations.

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