Lazareth closes. Farewell to one of the last “dream makers”

The French specialist Lazareth Auto Moto, based in Annecy, has just announced the cessation of activity after issuing a statement on its social networks. The news has hit more than one like a bucket of cold water, taking into account the talent and passion that its founder has put into it. Ludovic Lazareth in each and every one of his creations.

The main reasons for making this decision are related to the prevailing regulations, in terms of technology and development, that have been imposed in Europe in recent years by the governments in power. A difficult obstacle to overcome, especially in terms of solvency, for a company of Lazareth’s caliber.

However, Ludovic Lazareth also argues the need to stop on a personal level, putting a full stop in his extensive professional career, where he has delighted us with truly unique artifacts, among which the LMV 496 stands out, a “Moto Volante” equipped with four JetCat turbines that are capable of rotating at 96,000 rpm.

Lazareth Auto Moto has been working for more than 25 years with a single purpose: Innovate.

Also the Lazareth LM 847 that had a 470 HP Maserati engine or the Lazareth LM 410: a four-wheeled “R1” for one hundred thousand euros. All of them reflect the personality and genius of Ludovic Lazareth, considered one of the most talented disciples of Franco Sbarro. As explained in the statement:

“25 years ago I threw myself into, body and soul, much more than a profession, a true reason for living: the construction of vehicles, mainly cars and motorcycles, that stood out for their design, technical features, conception and performance.”

“I worked on it 365 days a year, 15 hours a day, sleeping on top of the workshop so as not to create a filter between my dreams and reality, as a way of being in direct contact with my creations, allowing me to move forward with the most exciting ideas.” crazy, the most daring projects, the most complex projects.”

Lazareth announces the definitive cessation of its commercial activity

And continues: “It was not easy, far from it, because we explored and experimented with many things, anticipating the future, imagining innovative solutions. Driven by passion, I always moved forward, with my head on the handlebars, leading my team to a frenetic pace and extraordinary mechanical odysseys.”

“At 55 years old, it is time to take a break and I am forced, for multiple reasons, to announce the closure of the workshop. However, the spirit that drives Lazareth Auto Moto is intact, lively, conquering, as is my desire to create, in a new format, to be defined. See you soon, for new adventures and dreams to live.”

The French businessman also declared to Caradisiac’s colleagues that: “The global context and the appearance of electricity mean that I have less work and that I have more and more problems paying the bills. “I tried to make a hybrid, but the feedback wasn’t up to par.”

Lazareth announces the definitive cessation of its commercial activity

And concludes: “Even working 90 hours a week, the activity is complicated and I simply could not continue. It is heartbreaking to stop, it is a decision that was made two months ago and was recorded on January 11. “I will continue the activity until March to honor two final projects, and then I will stop.”

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