Lexus LBX Morizo ​​RR Concept: the Lexus GR Yaris that will not be fulfilled

The Lexus LBX is a product of great importance for the Japanese brand. It is the gateway to your brand, the access model by size and also by price. With it they want to conquer a young audience, always focusing on hybrid technology, at least in our country. However, they also want to show the potential of this specimen through the Lexus LBX Morizo ​​RR Concept. It is an extreme prototype of a hypothetical top-of-the-range version that has a lot to do with another highly appreciated car.

We must not forget that the LBX share the GA-B platform with the Toyota Yaris Cross. This also makes it possible to mount the mechanics of the now legendary GR Yaris, even taking it one step further. The reason for creating such a prototype is to make a nod to Akio Toyoda, president of Toyota Motor Corporation. Also known as “Morizo” (hence the name), he is a great enthusiast of the world of competition and has always been linked to it. Not to mention that he is the main promoter of high-performance vehicles in his brands.

After that introduction, Lexus’ idea was to invite Morizo ​​himself to develop the most powerful and capable LBX that could be created. The result is a prototype that surprises when assembling the 1.6-cylinder three-cylinder turbocharged engine most powerful on the market. They could not be satisfied with the 261 HP of the first GR Yaris, nor with the 280 HP of the newly renovated one. They have decided that the Lexus LBX Morizo ​​RR Concept reaches the 305 HP and 400 Nm of torquea very outstanding level of power for a small SUV.

Another novelty is that it mounts the Direct Shift automatic transmission eight-speed, the same one that the GR Yaris has recently incorporated. Nor could all-wheel drive be missing in this striking prototype. From the outside the hand of Lexus and Toyota Gazoo Racing is clear, as it exhibits a good number of exclusive details. Elements such as the unified grille, brake calipers and belts are in Morizo ​​yellow; while the model’s credentials are not lacking, sports seats or alloy pedals.

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