Liters x Kilos 2024: we help raise 3.2 tons of food

We participate one more year in Suzuki Liters x Kilosthe brand’s solidarity action in which we have to complete a 57 km route with real traffic and, by driving efficiently, try to reduce the approved mixed consumption of the vehicle.

On this occasion, the protagonist was suzuki vitara1.4 BoosterJet Mild Hybrid 4WD AllGripa mild hybrid SUV with approved consumption in the mixed cycle of 5.8 l/100 km. All participating teams (divided into pairs of specialized journalists) managed to lower the approved consumption and thus raise 3.2 tons of food for those most in need.

This is the 9th edition of this contest, where the proceeds are donated to the Madrid Food Bank Foundation. In total they have managed to distribute more than 35 tons of foodor what is the same, the weight of 28 Suzuki Vitara.

This year the winners (Javier Moltó from km77 and Carlos Espinosa from Marca Motor) achieved an average consumption of 3.7 l/100 km, which represents a reduction of 36.2% on the approved consumption of this Suzuki Vitara. It has a supercharged engine with direct injection, with all-wheel drive and a 0.38 kWh battery, which powers a 13.6 HP electric motor that works in combination with the 129 HP 1.4-liter gasoline engine.

In our case the average consumption was 4 l/100 km. We did not win on this occasion, as happened in the Liters x Kilos 2023 or the Liters x Kilos 2020, but we contributed our help to the Madrid Food Bank Foundation, which helps the food bank serve more than 180,000 people each year ( more than 7,000 infants) at risk of social exclusion through 565 charities that have distributed more than 27 million kilos of food throughout 2021.

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