Little joke with this supercharged Harley… 234 HP of power and more than 290 Nm of torque!

The British specialist TTS Performancespecialized in the installation of supercharging kits, once again delight us with one of their diabolical preparations, a supercharged harley that will leave more than one with their mouths open.

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For the occasion they return with this “sparky” Fat Boy that makes your hair stand on end just by hearing it accelerate. In fact, in the first bars of the video you can see this supercharged harley in full acceleration test on the power bank. And beyond the exceptional final figures, it is scary to see how easily it manages to reach 150 mph, about 240km/h.

This supercharged Harley is one of the latest works from TTS Performance

Now try to imagine being at the controls of the “monkey hanging” type handlebar of this supercharged harley going at that speed anywhere in the world; a real madness. However, not everything is about running and if there is one thing that this TTS Performance preparation stands out for, it is because of the power and torque figures that it manages to produce after a couple of launches.

Nothing more and nothing less than 234 HP at around 5,900 rpm and 291 Nm of maximum torque at 5,300 rpm. Truly impressive performance that is achieved based on a high-performance supercharger kit, as well as some reinforcement elements to support the increase in power compared to the original engine.

Currently, the Fat Boy 2024 offers some 94 HP of power and 161 Nm of maximum torqueso it is essential to make some modifications to the block of this supercharged harley. For example, installing several oil coolers, a reinforced clutch or an intercooler.

Little joke with this supercharged Harley... 234 HP of power and more than 290 Nm of torque!

In short, a work of fine goldsmithing that ends up resulting in an effective supercharged harley. Surely his owner must be having a blast every time someone comes next to him and he turns on the gas in his Fat Boy without remorse “disturbed”.

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