Long live the bubble! The average price of a second-hand motorcycle has risen 2%, and it is almost better to buy it new

He average motorcycle price used closed 2023 with a growth of +1.9% to stand at 6,823 euros on average, according to the annual barometer of motos.net, the leading motorcycle marketplace in Spain, and ANESDOR.

An increase that, however, has not corresponded to the evolution of second-hand sales: motorcycles, with a total of 376,322 units soldfell -2.2% compared to 2022, and mopeds decreased -4.7% with 78,254 units sold in 2023.

The average price of a second-hand motorcycle increases by 30% in 4 years

If we look more closely at the increase in average motorcycle price which has been recorded for some years now, the strong increase of almost +30% that has occurred compared to just 4 years ago is especially striking.

Specifically, in January 2020, buying a used motorcycle could cost around 5,300 euros on average, 1,500 euros less than now. A difference that is even more pronounced in the case of mopeds, which if 4 years ago (January 2020) the offer price was 1,340 euros on average, now it is 2,079 euros, +55%.

In any case, the average motorcycle price It varies substantially depending on the autonomous community, with the Balearic Islands being the region with the highest price (7,899 euros) and Navarra, the one that closed the year with the cheapest (6,157 euros).

The other territories in which the offer price exceeded 7,000 euros in December were the Canary Islands (7,784 euros), Murcia (7,409 euros), Castilla La Mancha (7,244 euros), Andalusia (7,098 euros), the Basque Country (7,093 euros) and Valencia (7,028 euros).

Castilla La Mancha has been the one that has registered the highest interannual growth in all of Spain at the end of the year, +11.6%. In negative, Asturias, Balearic Islands, Canary Islands, Cantabria, Basque Country and the Valencian Community.

The supply of used motorcycles grows +5% in 2023

If we put the magnifying glass on the supply of used motorcycles, we see that it has increased by +5% in 2023. The regions of Spain in which it has grown the most have been Castilla La Mancha (+12.9%) and Asturias (+ eleven%). Only in 4 autonomous communities has the stock of second-hand motorcycles decreased slightly: Cantabria, Castilla y León, Extremadura and the Basque Country.

The offer of motorcycles according to their age leaves a clear headline: older motorcycles are losing steam. Although semi-new motorcycles fell by a slight -0.7%, an increase was observed in all other age groups, with the exception, precisely, of those over ten years old, which fell by -12.3 %. The seniority range that increases the most compared to 2022 is between 4 and 5 years, which increases by +19%.

Despite these data, the supply of older motorcycles continues to be the majority in the used market, since in 2023 it will represent 30% of the total supply, although very followed by younger motorcycles (1 and 3 years old). ) that this last year have taken up 28% of the offer on motos.net.

Total sales, new and used, grow in 2023

If we analyze the total demand in the two-wheeled sector, we see that the evolution compared to the previous year is positive. This has grown by +1.6% compared to 2022. In total, 684,108 new and used units have been sold in 2023:

225,352 corresponded to new vehicles, while 458,571 used vehicles were used (67% of the total), so the ratio is 2 used vehicles for every new one. The communities in which the most units have been sold during 2023 have been: Andalusia (142,775), Catalonia (139,666) and the Valencian Community (76,157).

In 2023 there has been a clear change in trend with regard to sales of second-hand motorcycles, which suffered a decrease of -2.2% compared to the year-on-year increase of 3.2% that they had registered the previous year compared to to 2021.

An unexpected fall that was also accentuated by an even more pronounced decline in December (-7.6% compared to the same month of the previous year). Except for four months – January, March, April and May – the rest of the year has seen decreases in comparison with the same months of the previous year.

By displacement, a greater decrease is observed among the lighter motorcycles (51-125 cc), which drop -3.3%, as well as those from 125 cc to 500 cc and those from 500 cc to 750 cc, which also lose a -3.1% in both bands compared to 2022.

The average price of a motorcycle increases in our country by 2%

On the contrary, those with the largest displacement are those that are in green: those from 750 cc to 1,000 cc grow by +0.9% and those with more than 1,000 cc grow by +3.4%. Looking at the segment, both scooters (-4%) and road motorcycles (-2.6%) fell in sales, compared to the growth of off-road motorcycles (3.5%).

If we analyze the sales of second-hand mopeds, it should be noted that the figures are also lower than those of 2022. This last year, 78,254 transactions have been carried out, which means a decrease of -4.7%, being the months of January, May and October are the only ones in which the figures are positive compared to the previous year.

Marcel Blanes, institutional manager of autos.net and motos.net, comments: “The gradual increase in prices that the second-hand two-wheel sector has been registering for several years now partly explains the drop in sales that has been registered in this sector in 2023.”

And continues: “However, the combined sales data of new and used motorcycles show a growing interest on the part of the user towards this form of mobility. To a certain extent, the good performance of new motorcycle sales is the result of the renewal of motorcycles by individuals and companies.”

Concludes: “As a consequence, it clearly contributes to also improving the VO stock. This has grown by 5%, especially the least old stock. A factor that also explains why the average price of used motorcycles is somewhat higher.”

For his part, the general secretary of ANESDOR, José María Riaño, highlights that: “It is good news that the supply of motorcycles between 4 and 5 years old is increasing, since they are the most modern and incorporate electronic aids and more safety elements.”

And continues: “However, in 2023, motorcycles over 10 years old represented 51.8% of second-hand sales, and mopeds over 10 years old represented 84.1%. These motorcycles do not incorporate all the advances in safety devices that have been implemented in new motorcycles, and, therefore, it is a fact that continues to worry us.”

The average price of a motorcycle increases in our country by 2%

By region, the data is enormously uneven. While in six of them there has been growth, compared to 2022, in the other eleven, however, there have been decreases.

On one side of the balance is the Balearic Islands, which registers the highest annual growth, +4.8%, with a total of 15,124 units sold. They are followed, at some distance, by regions such as La Rioja (+3.8%), Castilla y León (+2.5%) and the Canary Islands (+2.3%).

On the other side of the scale, Catalonia, with the largest drop (-7.5%). With a total of 80,777 units sold, the Catalan case contrasts with last year’s data, in which it was precisely the community that grew the most in sales of used motorcycles (+12.4%).

In the other three communities with a significant weight in the two-wheeled sector, the behavior was uneven: in Madrid it fell -3%, with a total of 41,329 units sold, in the Valencian Community it fell -1.8% (41,875 units), while in Andalusia they saved the rate with a small growth of 1%.

Best-selling used motorcycle brands in 2023:

  • Sling (67,634 units sold, -1.8%)
  • yamaha (60,719 units sold, -2.5%)
  • bmw (32,008 units sold, +1.3%)
  • suzuki (30,233 units sold, -6.8%)
  • Piaggio (27,054 units sold, -7.1%)

Top 5 best-selling models 2023:

  • Yamaha TMAX 500 (6,935 units sold, -5.4%)
  • Honda SH 125 (6,842 units sold, -0.8%)
  • Honda PCX 125 (6,120 units sold, +9.6%
  • KYMCO Agility 125 (5,780 units sold, +3.8%
  • Yamaha X-Max 125 (5,640 units sold, -0.5%)

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