Looking for exclusive racing motorcycles? Here you have 5 true “Race Roads” full of history and exclusivity

When we talk about racing motorcycles classics, more than one of us who walk around here has our pulse accelerate more than necessary. If these will also be auctioned, in the largest event of this type, for Mecum Auctions, January 24-27 in Las Vegasthings couldn’t sound better, right?

Nails 2,000 classic motorcycles They will look for a new home on the indicated date and among them are true pieces of history. That is why today we wanted to select several of these frames, especially 5 racing motorcycles, which we can try to acquire. Of course, prepare your checkbook because we already told you that it will not be cheap.

5 truly iconic racing motorcycles

As we say, the list of motorcycles that we can find in this auction is almost endless, but by taking a look you can come across true icons on the track. For example, a replica of Ducati 750 GT Imola from 1972 for which it is estimated that they will be paid between 135,000 and 165,000 dollars. We are talking about a Replica of the Imola 200, winner in 1972 with the legendary Paul Smart at the controls.

Built in 1976, original Ducati parts were used and an Imola racing engine with sand-cast crankcases was shipped in 1972 to the Greek island of Corfu as a spare engine. Subsequently, it was restored under the supervision of Reno Leoni, a well-known preparer of the brand. For more information you can consult by clicking on this link.

The second of these racing motorcycles it’s an incredible Yamaha TZ750 from 1974, for which it is estimated that they can be paid up to $65,000. We are talking about a machine equipped with a 694 cc tetra-cylinder, belonging to the first series of 75 examples, of the 95 built of the model.

As explained in the description itself, we are looking at one of the first units manufactured, in a collector’s condition. This specific specimen on January 29, 1974, and on March 8 of that same year he participated in the Junior race in Daytona, where he managed to finish in 28th position. Here you can consult all the data.

Looking for exclusive racing motorcycles?  here are 5 true ones "Race Road" full of history and exclusivity

To continue a racing motorcycle really special, 1994 Harley VR1000 with a final estimated price between 90,000 and 110,000 dollars. We are undoubtedly talking about one of the most representative and at the same time exclusive motorcycles of the Milwaukee firm.

This specific specimen, belonging to the series of 50 units manufactured Because of the brand, he has never set foot on a track to compete, although he has done so as an exhibition. Equipped with a 996 cc V-Twin engine water-cooled, which produces about 135 HP of power, we are looking at a true nineties Superbike. All the information here.

Looking for exclusive racing motorcycles?  here are 5 true ones "Race Road" full of history and exclusivity

Without a doubt, one of the racing motorcycles most exclusive of this selection is this MV Agusta 850SS from 1977for which they expect to raise some $130,000. With just 1,791 miles on its odometer, about 2,900 kmwe are looking at a truly collectible and almost unique specimen due to its condition and origin.

Equipped with a 837cc air-cooled transverse 4-cylinder engine, this racing motorcycle It is a true object of desire for lovers of the Italian brand. The 850SS is a rare model with a very limited production and brings together all of MV Agusta’s experience on the circuits accumulated over more than two decades. To try your luck and try to get it you can click here.

Looking for exclusive racing motorcycles?  here are 5 true ones "Race Road" full of history and exclusivity

Finally, we have a 1974 Kawasaki H2 R750the jewel in the crown of this quintet of racing motorcyclesfor which it is estimated that there could be offers of the order of $220,000. We are talking about a copy that also belonged to the famous pilot of the brand Art “The Dart” Baumanso the auction even includes some of his leather track suits.

A truly racing motorcycle developed by Kawasaki from its H2 Mach IV and equipped with a 748 cc inline three-cylinder. As detailed in the ad, this H2 R750 is fully restored and includes countless racing components. Interested in this gem? Here you can try to get it… Good luck!

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