LS2 installs its development laboratory in high competition

LS2 It is present in the main championships of different disciplines, led by professional drivers such as Joan Barreda, who has just competed for the fourteenth consecutive time in the Dakar Rally, equipped with an X-Force helmet.

Through collaborations like this, LS2 achieve a feedback essential for the development of its different products, which are tested in the most demanding scenarios, from speed circuits such as the legendary Assen Circuit to the dunes of the desert Rub Al Khali.

LS2 in high competition

Through its presence in high competition and its support for professional speed, off-road and other disciplines, LS2 receives information of enormous value for the evolution of its products.

Their experience in the most demanding tests in the world and the feedback on the equipment used helps the brand know what aspects they should improve or change in future models, what needs remain to be covered and what the strengths of, in this case, their helmets are. .

An example of this can be found in the recent announcement by the International Motorcycle Federation (FIM), which confirmed that the LS2 X-Force has been the first off-road helmet to comply with the FIM FRHPhe-02 regulations. A milestone that is the result of years of work and constant commitment to innovation and development, as well as the aforementioned presence in competition.

Generally, the brand and its sponsored drivers, such as Joan Barreda or Joan Pedrero, follow a dynamic based on constant communication. Thus, before, during and after the competitions, both talk to get to know in depth the sensations with these helmets and the needs of the professionals, trying to solve them as soon as possible.

LS2 installs its development laboratory in high competition

This January Joan Barreda participated in the Dakar Rally and Joan Pedrero did the same in the Africa Eco Race, achieving victory in the Maxi Trail category. The firm has received essential feedback about its X-Forcewhich is already analyzing and studying with the aim of applying it in the evolution of this model.

Both drivers have been equipped with the top-of-the-range off-road helmet from LS2, of which they have highlighted its enormous comfort and, of course, the total safety it offers, even in the most extreme tests and terrain. In his own words Joan Barreda:

“What we look for in a helmet is, basically, a lot of vision, comfort and that it fits perfectly, so that it does not move at all at high speeds, but that it does not tighten either. There are many hours on the bike, and if the helmet is tighter than normal in any area, it ends up causing a headache. Right now the helmet we have, the LS2 X-Force, it is perfect. I feel very comfortable and safe with him.”

LS2 installs its development laboratory in high competition

LS2 and Joan Barreda in their fourteenth Dakar Rally

Every year it is essential to have safe and quality equipment. Hence, Joan Barreda chose LS2 and his helmet X-Force to accompany him on the adventure of competing in this test for the fourteenth consecutive time.

The pilot from Castellón, who had to retire in the 48-hour stage after a series of mechanical problems, traveled to Alula with up to four helmets LS2 X-Force, all of them verified by the organization, which he was able to use throughout the raid.

Before being forced to abandon due to this breakdown, he suffered, among other misfortunes such as penalties, several falls from which he recovered and in which neither he nor his helmet suffered major damage.

LS2 installs its development laboratory in high competition

In a competition like this, it is the riders or their assistants who have to keep their helmets ready at all times, even in situations such as the falls experienced by the Hero Motorcycles rider.

Joan Barreda comments before leaving for Saudi Arabia: “I normally carry 3 or 4 helmets, although I confess that there is always one in particular that is my favorite and I always try to use it. So, if there is a problem with them, we have to repair them ourselves and continue competing with them.”.

LS2 X-Force in detail

This is LS2’s top-of-the-range off-road helmet, it is made in 9K Carbon and with multi-density expanded polystyrene (EPS) and has double ECE 22.06 and FIM FRHPhe-02 approval.

LS2 installs its development laboratory in high competition

With a weight of around 1,200 gramsis lightweight and offers a perfect fit for all motorcyclists thanks to its wide range of sizes (from XS to 2XL) and the four shell sizes available.

In addition, it is equipped with a double ‘D’ ring closure, reinforced chin strap and emergency release system. On the other hand, comfort is guaranteed, thanks to its ventilation system, with air inlets in the chin and in the upper front part of the helmet, and extractors in the rear.

Likewise, the use of a multi-density and channeled EPS allows better air circulation inside the helmet. In addition, it incorporates a hypoallergenic and breathable interior, removable and washable, and is prepared for Hydration Kit which is connected to the camel bag, something essential for a competition like the Dakar Rally.

LS2 installs its development laboratory in high competition

The helmet can be found at 5 different graphs, with different color combinations, for all tastes. And its recommended price is 399 euros.

For more information you can consult directly on the brand’s official website.

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