MITT 125 ADV 2023 test

MITT 125 ADV 2023 test: Introduction, positioning and rivals

Since its introduction in Spain, the MITT range has only grown, not only in number, but also in perceived quality. This is the case of the MITT 125 ADV (11.5 HP, €3,195), an adventurous scooter that lands in the young segment of 125 crossovers, more popular with each passing month.

It must be taken into account that in the case of the MITT 125 ADV and its rivals, the crossover concept does not go much beyond a certain increase in suspension travel and some design details, since its destination is the asphalt in almost the 100% of its use.

Thus, we find among its rivals scooters such as the Kymco DTX 125 (12.87 HP, €4,799), the Aprilia SR GT 125 ABS (15 HP, €4,100), the SYM ADX 125 (12.3 HP, €4,299) or the Wottan. Storm-V (14.5 HP, €3,590 without ABS) that we recently tested on these pages. As you can read, the price of the MITT 125 ADV is significantly lower than its rivals.

Although it seems that its power is as far from those of its rivals as the price might suggest, its lightness allows it to compete with them without complexes. And with perceived quality in almost all its elements (oh, the glove box lid).

MITT 125 ADV test

MITT 125 ADV 2023 test: Features, equipment and philosophy

Starting with the cold figures, 11.5 HP at 8,000 rpm may seem like little power compared to its rivals. But on this motorcycle (and in all powered vehicles in the world) the weight/power ratio is very good, weighing only 130 kg dry, which mitigates the power figure.

Aside from the HP, it is a modern water-cooled engine powered by Delphi electronic injection. The chassis is a classic tubular steel that does not present any complications.

MITT 125 ADV test

Perhaps the engine and chassis are the most modest of MITT’s crossover proposal, but they work very well as a couple due to the aforementioned lightness. The approved consumption is 2.5 l/100 km which, together with the 8.5 liter capacity tank, gives a theoretical range of 340 kilometers which will be around 300 in normal use conditions, a very good figure for a scooter that aims to be practical.

MITT 125 ADV test

The rest of the proposal of the cycle part (brakes and suspensions) borders on a high level in its operation even though they are not branded. Both trains are equipped with a 220 mm disc with a 2-piston caliper.

It has CBS combined braking which, like most combined braking, works best when both levers are operated at the same time, which, by the way, are adjustable. It should be noted that, wearing size XL gloves, I had to adjust both levers to position 4 (of 4 possible), the smallest; It turns out that the feel of the brakes improves compared to the other positions, requiring less force and increasing touch and sensations. The other way around would be a problem.

Not like that, because even in the closest position of the lever to the grip, I never managed to catch my fingers on it.

MITT 125 ADV test

The suspensions are very good. Only the shock absorbers have adjustment (preload), but both trains are very well calibrated, at least for solo driving. At first I thought that the separate bottle (and more in gold color) was an ode to aesthetics, but its operation has shown me the error of my prejudice.

MITT 125 ADV test

The measurements are quite conventional, with the seat 780 mm from the ground, really affordable for almost all sizes. It is more difficult to get on and off the scooter, due to the central tunnel, which is high and voluminous to the point of leaving little space for the platform of the feet, which have little room for maneuver to move.

MITT 125 ADV test

The equipment is very complete. Added to the adjustable brake levers is a very practical parking brake on garage ramps and similar, when you need your hands free when stationary to search for the garage control or similar. The tube handlebar gives the whole look a robust look.

MITT 125 ADV test

It has a keyless keyless starting system. To start, and with the key in your pocket, you turn a circular selector (which also includes the steering lock) and press the start button.

The lighting is full-LED, with dynamic turn signals. The instrumentation is entrusted to a negative monochrome TFT screen (light figures against a dark background), perhaps not very large, but an example in terms of readability of the information, even in bright conditions, although it does not have connectivity. . Shows speed, rev counter, clock, fuel level, reserve light and voltage.

MITT 125 ADV test

To the left of the shield there is a glove box with space for a cell phone or gloves. Inside there is a USB connection, but the lid that closes it does not have a key and the touch, especially when closing, is of dubious quality. A detail to review.

The screen is manually adjustable in height, but the two possible positions seem too low for a difference to be noticed between one and the other. Of course, the mechanism is very well designed and feels solid.

Access to the fuel tank is through a switch next to the starter selector. By activating it, the lid on the central tunnel opens.

MITT 125 ADV test

This switch also has the function of opening the space under the seat, which fits some full-face helmets, but not all and depending on the position. There is extra space for other belongings, but it is not the strong point of the MITT 125 ADV. To alleviate the lack of space, a rear trunk is offered as an option.

MITT 125 ADV test

The CST tires, in sizes 110/80-14 at the front and 130/70-13 at the rear, are classified as mixed, although their tread pattern will offer better performance on asphalt than on roads, because they do not have lugs.

MITT 125 ADV test

MITT 125 ADV 2023 test: How it goes

On the first approach, the lightness of the MITT 125 ADV is perceived. Even before starting it, it is very maneuverable when stopped, also thanks to the good turning angle.

In addition to the kickstand, it has a stand that has its heads and its tails: it is very easy to put the motorcycle on the stand, but it will very soon rub while moving in the left curves, which will always be more than the right curves, just for the sake of the fact that roundabouts are approached counterclockwise.

It is the biggest weakness of the 125 ADV, since you don’t have to lean very far to touch it. It’s a shame, because the rest of its dynamic behavior, including right-hand cornering, is really good. Brakes and suspensions work at a high level and the geometries of the MITT 125 ADV allow for easy and agile driving.

The engine response is really brilliant during acceleration and recovery. Only the top speed reminds us that the engine produces 11.5 HP. In favorable conditions, it is possible to see a maximum of 108 km/h before the injection is cut off, but it is also capable of maintaining cruises of 95/100 km/h, even with a passenger.

MITT 125 ADV test

The perception of quality is a matter of sight and touch. The MITT 125 ADV passes both tests with flying colors. The fit of the body plastics is very good and, except for the left glove box lid, the touch of all its controls is very good, including the pinecones, despite its standard appearance.

MITT 125 ADV test

Like its rivals, the country side is more a matter of image than anything else. The little space to move the feet on the platform (longitudinally while riding) prevents a minimally safe position for riding standing up, since the thighs collide with the handlebars.

Yes, it is possible to ride at very moderate paces on easy roads and tracks, but you will always be sitting on your saddle, comfortable for the rider and passenger. The latter has very practical handles and retractable footpegs. You will have no complaints about it.

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