More than 4,000 classic motorcycles blend in with nature in this Alabama scrapyard (video)

It is not the first time, nor unfortunately will it be the last, that we will see thousands of classic motorcycles piled up in the middle of nowhere, inside the facilities of some scrapyard, generally in the US. This is the case of Escambia Motor Cyclelocated in Brewton County, Alabama.

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More than 4,000 classic motorcycles distributed throughout its facilities

Unlike the thousands of classic motorcycles piled up in the garden of a house in Tennessee, the Escambia Motor Cycle that they show us from the YouTube channel Motorcycle RewindYes, it is a normal motorcycle scrapyard. Although the storage system is similar to that used by the owner of the enormous property where they were located.

In this case, the Escambia Motor Cycle has a surface area equivalent to about 20,000 m² and in it there is, according to the latest estimate of Kenny, its owner, more than 4,000 classic motorcycles. In addition to having several warehouses filled to the brim with piles of spare parts already dismantled for sale.

During the almost 52 minutes of this video, we can be participants in the enormous amount of classic motorcycles that are there scattered across the steep terrain of the property. We can barely recognize some of the models that, buried by weeds, are eaten away by rust.

From various units of Yamaha XS650passing through a Honda GL1000 or a simple Jawa 207a moped marketed by the brand between 1979 and 1985. Also what remains of an iconic GPZ900R (minute 17:34) or one CB350 in an almost unrecognizable state.

More than 4,000 classic motorcycles blend in with nature in this Alabama scrapyard

As Eric, the creator of the video, explains, there we can find everything from countless discontinued spare parts to specimens ready to be completely restored and returned to the road.

In any case, and seeing the state of most of them, we already predict that it will not be an easy task to carry out.

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