Moteo Group becomes the new official importer of Lambretta, FB Mondial and KL Motors

Moteo Groupthe Belgian business group specialized in the international distribution of motorcycles and scooters, has just announced the creation of its new subsidiary Moteo Motor Spain. Based in Barcelona, ​​they will be in charge of the distribution of three brands: FB Mondial, Lambretta and KL Motors.

Moteo Group offers access to eight key Western European countries, has more than 1,800 active points of sale, and 540,000 vehicles sold throughout its entire journey throughout its 85 years of history.

Moteo Spain was born with the perspective of incorporating new brands in the future. The agreement established with FB Mondial, Lambretta and KL Motors It will allow the company to develop and promote a commercial network in Spain, and the introduction of new ranges and models in the coming years.

Currently, Moteo Group has a logistics center located near Antwerp, Belgium, conveniently located in the heart of Europe. Thanks to a professional purchasing team and more than 75 suppliers, Moteo is able to offer unique services to its dealer network.

Moteo Group becomes the new official importer of Lambretta, FB Mondial and KL Motors

Moteo Group and the brands it will work with in our country

  • Lambretta: Founded in Milan in 1946 by Ferdinando Innocenti who introduced them to the market. They were an icon of the 50s and 60s due to youth culture, and their design makes them a unique motorcycle.
  • FB Mondial: The Milanese brand was founded in 1936 and became known for its dominance in the world motorcycle championships, between 1949 and 1957, manufacturing some of the most successful and advanced racing motorcycles of the time. The brand became a benchmark as a manufacturer of small displacement motorcycles (125 cc and 250 cc).
  • KL Motors: Founded in Milan in 2021, it offers a fresh and modern air in the design of its motorcycles. The performance of the KL range is based on cutting-edge technology and precision engineering.

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