Motorcycle engine, 25-speed gearbox and handmade. This is the incredible truck that a retiree has made

Imagine that you have spent 40 years of your life driving a truck. When it’s time for you to retire, you’ll either love trucks or you’ll never want to see them again in your life. Well, the first thing is what happens to Luis Alberto Gonçalves, a Brazilian driver from Rio Grande du Sul, who decided to create his own truck after finishing his working life.

At the age of 68, he embarked on a project that is what we can see today and that is spectacular in every sense. And this truck is a replica of a Scania 113, but the most impressive thing is that the engine is from a Honda Titan. It is a modest single-cylinder engine of 162.7 cubic centimeters, air-cooled and capable of producing 15.1 HP at 8,000 rpm when new.

A truck that is much more than you can expect

The engine used is the latest version that hit the market. It is prepared to run on ethanol with Flex technology and has electronic injection. So how do you get a truck moving?

Well there are two secrets. The first is that it is a scale truck, with space for two people in the cabin and the second is because it has a 25-speed gearbox.

Yes, as you have read, a Chevette brand gearbox was coupled to the engine that has 20 forward gears and 5 reverse gears. That way the truck can move without causing the engine to disintegrate. But there is more trick to this truck and that is that, although two people can travel inside, it is a scale truck.

The measurements are small and the height is 175 centimeters and the length is just over 3 meters. The wheels are 13 inches, scooter size, and it has air conditioning!

We also know that the gasoline tank is 5 liters and that consumption is 12 kilometers per liter, so we are talking about 8.3 liters per 100 kilometers, practically at the level of any van but with much more style and everything done by hand.

What’s more, although we see it with these measurements, in the videos on the Brazilian’s YouTube channel you can also see what a full trailer looks like.

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