Motorcycles and electric cars are prohibited from accessing this circuit.

A circuit is the perfect place to test the capabilities of a vehicle and, also, the capabilities of whoever is at the controls. In fact, it should be the only place where both skills are pushed to the limit.

And this is something that we can apply to combustion motorcycles or electric motorcycles, unless we end up launching a round at the Anglesey Circuit, in Wales, United Kingdom. And there, according to some event organizers, they have become serious about it.

Anglesey Circuit prohibits the entry of motorcycles and electric cars

Although the reason is unknown, the reality is that this circuit located on the island from which it inherits its name and which is located in the north of Wales, two hours by car from Liverpool or Manchester, does not allow motorcycles and electric or hybrid cars. take part in their “trackdays”.

It is a measure to say the least. Especially taking into account that there are more and more electric vehicles and that some of them, both motorcycles and cars, have a clear sports character.

At the moment there is no information whether this ban is due to a specific accident or incident, or just an arbitrary decision. In any case, the striking thing is that only vehicles with internal combustion engines are allowed to go out on the track.

A peculiar route due to its location and, now, due to its limitations on electric vehicles

We will have to wait to see if it is a temporary measure, if it remains an anecdote only for the Angelsey Circuit or if it begins to spread to the rest of the circuits in the world. What is clear from the photos of the Welsh track is that, if you can go riding, the views are spectacular.

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