Motorcycles from the United States will not have taxes in Europe until 2025

We travel back in time to 2018, at that time and with Donald Trump as president of the United States, the situation with the European Union became tense to the point that both countries imposed tariffs on certain products.

The United States had introduced tariffs of 10% and 25% on certain imports of aluminum and steel products to its country. The response of the European Union was to introduce what were called balancing tariffs, in which there were multiple products that also included motorcycles of American origin.

The United States – European Union trade relationship improved from 2022

With Trump out of the White House, the relationship changed and in 2022 the European Union suspended the measures until December 31, 2023, while a new agreement was reached between the two powers. The policy of the United States varied and tariffs on all products became tariffs only after a certain quota.

Now, after reaching the established margin, the European Union has extended the tariff suspension in exchange for the United States doing the same with the tariff suspension to historic trade volumes.

The agreement is temporary, so we will have to wait for the new chapter of the trade war

This is undoubtedly good news, as reflected by one of the most emblematic manufacturers in the United States, Harley-Davidson, as recognized by Jane Stevenson, director of Global Government Affairs at Harley-Davidson:

“Harley-Davidson is very pleased to see the EU extend the suspension of tariffs on our motorcycles. However, a permanent solution is still needed. Our business has suffered collateral damage from this controversy since 2018, which will continue to loom over us until 2025. Motorcycles have no place in this dispute over steel and aluminum. “We remain extremely concerned that a solution to this dispute will not be found before March 31, 2025 due to elections in the EU and the United States.”

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