Motowatt W1X, a French motorcycle for the A1 with two-wheel drive, 34 HP and aesthetics far from conventional

Henry and Olivier Rabatela pair of French brothers and, at the same time, the creators of the company Motowatthave just hit the table with the presentation of their first electric motorcycle, the W1X.

We are seeing how the authorities have launched in recent years to promote and develop electric vehicles as a measure to reduce polluting emissions in urban centers. And it is evident that most of the electric two-wheelers come mainly from Asia.

However, “We are in the year 50 BC. All of Gaul is occupied by the Romans… All of it? No. Not all. A village populated by irreducible Gauls resists, still and as always, the invader”. In this case, with slanted and non-Roman eyes.

As we are telling you, while this trend is brewing, a new French contender is slowly emerging on the horizon, the Motowatt W1X. An original motorcycle that promises to revolutionize the panorama in 2025, at the earliest.

The brand Motowatt saw the light in 2020 thanks to the vision of the brothers Henry and Oliver Rabatelwho aspired to create a line of vehicles that would facilitate daily trips in a clean way, betting on innovation and offering light and efficient urban mobility options.

Motowatt W1X

And that’s how, very quickly, a team of six experts gathered in a design office in Dardilly, near Lyon. As a matter of fact, the employment of French industry was a fundamental pillar in its development, with its production center located in Cambes, near Figeac.

Furthermore, last year, Motowatt joined the French 2030 program, created by the French government, to support local innovators who contribute to technological advancement.

What is the Motowatt W1X like?

And, as we are telling you, now, after 4 years of hard work, Motowatt has finally presented its first electric motorcycle to society: the W1X. Beyond its neo-retro aesthetic, this EV vehicle, equivalent to a 125 cc combustion engine, is accessible with A1 and B licenses and also incorporates a series of interesting innovations.

Motowatt W1X

The most notable thing is its propulsion system. In fact, Motowatt has developed a modular drive chain with two motors. Installed on front and rear swing arms, each wheel houses an axial flux electric motor designed entirely by Motowatt. Although not all the technical details have been revealed, we do know that the maximum power reaches 34 HP. A good number.

Without the need to change gears, the W1X It boasts a range of 130 km according to the WMTC cycle, and has a charging time of 5 and a half hours to go from 20 to 80%. The equipment includes a comfortable retro-style seat, a full-color digital scoreboard, full LED lighting and a practical tubular luggage rack.

Motowatt W1X

How could it not be otherwise, Motowatt It also offers various customization options, including four different colors and the possibility of adding a removable top case, brakes Beringersuspensions EMCas well as Scrambler type wheels and tires.

The presentation to the public of the W1X of Motowatt will take place for the first time in the “Salon du 2 Roues de Lyon” which will take place from March 7 to 10. During the event, Motowatt has announced that they will begin accepting reservations from 15,000 euroswith deliveries scheduled for next year, that is, 2025.

Motowatt W1X

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