Motul and Kawasaki Spain sign a strategic collaboration agreement

Motula brand specializing in the formulation of lubricants for the automotive and industry, is positioned as a strategic partner and reference brand for the lubrication of automotive products. Kawasaki Spain.

The lubricant brand, in addition to Kawasaki’s recommended oil, also becomes an integral part of all Kawasaki national teams at the national competition level. Saul TagarroGeneral Manager of Motul Ibérica comments:

“The collaboration with Kawasaki marks a significant milestone for our company, representing a before and after in our trajectory. This bond will strengthen our collective ability to deliver exceptional products and unforgettable experiences to two-wheeled enthusiasts.”

And continues: “United, we prepare to set new standards in the exciting universe of high-performance motorcycles”. Through this agreement, Kawasaki will enjoy and offer the full range of Motul products, including crankcase oils, damping and fork lubricants, maintenance products, the Motul MC Care range of cleaning and maintenance, as well as the range of additives and greases .

Motul and Kawasaki Spain sign a strategic collaboration agreement

Kawasaki Spain and Motul united inside and outside of the competition

As part of this collaboration, the lubricant has been developed Kawasaki Lime Green Edition by Motul 10 W-40. This product, based on Ester technology, with 10w40 viscosity and Jaso MA2 certification, presents a distinctive Kawasaki Lime Green color and a characteristic Green Lime aroma.

In addition, it guarantees anti-wear properties, ensuring the durability of the engine and gearbox of Kawasaki motorcycles. The lubricant will be available exclusively in all Kawasaki Spain dealers, along with the rest of the Motul product range, which will become the brand’s official lubricants for the national market.

Motul and Kawasaki Spain sign a strategic collaboration agreement

This strategic agreement reflects the exceptional synergy between Motul and Kawasaki, two brands that share a deep passion for racing, adventure and competition. Both companies are rooted in a commitment to quality and innovation.

In the words of Ramon Boschgeneral director of Kawasaki Spain: “Motul, with its outstanding track record in international competitions, will be our key partner to promote technological development in the field of motorcycle lubricants. “Together, we are ready to make our mark at numerous events over the coming years, bringing innovation and excellence to every corner.”

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