Movable ailerons. BMW patents an active aerodynamic system for the S 1000 RR

A long time ago it was said that motorcycles only needed wings to fly, but the evolution in the aerodynamic aspect has led to them having wings, ailerons and fins and, apart from Toprak Razgatlioglu in Portimao, this is not the case. And this is not the case precisely because those wings have been placed in order to push the motorcycle against the ground.

Brands do not stop researching, working and some, like BMW, patenting new systems that seek the greatest possible efficiency. A good aerodynamic package will have great advantages at some points on the circuit, but not at others.

We are reaching the point that F1 reached decades ago and that is that having a spoiler is good at times, but on the straights, for example, it can reduce the top speed of the motorcycle after having fulfilled its function in the acceleration zone.

Maybe on a MotoGP and its more than 360 km/h that difference is not significant, but perhaps on a WSBK bike things will change. And that is why this active aerodynamic system that BMW has patented can give them a great advantage over their rivals.

Very skillful, the engineers of the German brand have patented the system on their sports bike, the S 1000 RR. That is, if they are installed on the production motorcycle and as the regulations are established today, active aerodynamics could reach competition.

How does the active aerodynamic system of the BMW S 1000 RR work?

The first thing we can think about in an active aerodynamic system and taking into account the issue of the load on the straights is that the angle of attack of the spoiler could vary, giving more load at the start, less in the middle and total during braking. aero brake mode.

We see how the system works as soon as the motorcycle leans

But in reality the great puzzle of the wings is their correct functioning in curves. We recently saw a system from BMW that directed air from one side of the motorcycle to the other. But what the German firm has patented on this occasion goes one step further, with spoilers that would vary their position with respect to the inclination of the motorcycle while maintaining horizontality with the ground.

There are no details in the patent about how the system works, so we do not know how it would be activated. Although the simplest thing would be to think of an IMU (inertial measurement unit) that detects not only the inclination, but also collects the orientation, acceleration, angular velocities and some other factor that would determine what position the aileron should adopt.

What there is no doubt is that BMW, with this new aerodynamic and active system, is prepared to change the rules of the game.

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