MV Agusta is almost giving away the motorcycles in China. Discounts reach 70% and a curious law is to blame

The Italian motorcycle factory, MV Agustahas stunned the Chinese market by offering extraordinary discounts on two of its most iconic models, the Dragster 800 Rosso and Turismo Veloce 800 Rosso. So, in a bold move, the company has decided to give these vehicles a staggering discount of up to 71%. Yes, you are reading correctly, and it is not our typo.

Without any doubt, this is an unparalleled opportunity that has caught the attention of two-wheeled lovers of the eastern giant. Clearly, it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get a machine from the Varese brand at a real bargain price.

Why does MV Agusta make these discounts in China?

But the question we all ask ourselves is, why MV Agusta is offering such generous discounts in the Chinese market? The answer is found in a Chinese law, that is clear.

The aforementioned states that unsold vehicles must be scrapped two years after their production date. In this case, the models in question belong to the year 2021, which means that they have reached the time limit imposed by Chinese legislation.

MV Agusta Turismo Veloce 800 Rosso

The first lowered motorcycle, as we told you before, is the Dragster 800 Rosso. Model highly recognized for its powerful 110 HP engine and its impressive design. Its original price was 218,000 yuan (approximately 28,000 euros).

After the discount, this model is now available for 75,800 yuan, that is, about 9,700 euros. Similarly, the Turismo Veloce 800 Rossothe asphalt trail, or crossover, or whatever you want to call it…, goes from 228,000 to 65,800 yuan, about 8,500 euros. As we are seeing, and as was foreseeable, these are truly incredible prices, right?

MV Agusta Dragster 800 Rosso

The Chinese law that has promoted this extreme discount strategy seeks to avoid the destruction of unsold vehicles, encouraging their sale at reduced prices instead of eliminating them. This situation presents a unique opportunity for Chinese pilots to acquire premium models of MV Agusta at prices never seen before.

If we compare these prices with those in Europe, where the Dragster 800 Rosso has a minimum price of 16,100 euros, and the Turismo Veloce 800 Rosso it comes out for at least 17,400 euros, we can appreciate the magnitude of the discounts. These prices represent a significant reduction from the 65% for the Dragster and a 71% for the Tourism Veloce compared to their original prices.

However, it is important to keep in mind that differences in taxes and regulations between markets also influence this price disparity.

MV Agusta Turismo Veloce 800 Rosso

Although this offer represents an unmatched opportunity for Chinese fans of MV Agusta, also highlights the challenges that international brands face in the mammoth Chinese market. As we see, strict laws and regulations, designed to favor national brands, can have a considerable impact on the pricing and sales strategies of foreign companies.

Ultimately, the situation of MV Agusta in China highlights the complexity of the global market and how brands must adapt to the specific regulations of each local market.

As Chinese buyers celebrate this unique opportunity, the industry is watching with interest as international brands navigate the challenging waters of the huge Chinese market.

MV Agusta Dragster 800 Rosso

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