Neighbors protest about noise after moving to live next to the circuit

The Californian circuit of Laguna Seca It is not going through one of its best moments. After its financial problems in 2020, it is now joined by an association of residents living around the circuit who are requesting its immediate closure. The reason? He excess noise which is generated when some type of engine event is performed.

This situation, unfortunately, is not new. Previously, we have seen litigation of this style against other iconic layouts worldwide. Without going any further, in our country, we can give as an example the Jaramawho experienced a similar situation in 2011, and more recently the Cartagena Circuit.

The latter suffered the same suspicion from the neighbors who live around it, but as in the case of Laguna Seca, there is a common denominator: The circuit was built before most of the houses that were built around it. to this and that now demand its closure.

The Laguna Seca circuit has 66 years of history

In the case of the American track, the neighborhood association called «Highway 68 Coalition»in reference to its proximity to the well-known Highway 68, have recently sued the circuit and its managers because they understand that too many motor events are held at their facilities throughout the year.

The Laguna Seca circuit threatened by the "green religion"

Of course, they are tied to the “commandments” that emanate from the new green religion, the one that pursues pollution with an iron fist, in this case noise, but also in terms of emissions. They also allude, as reported by the Italian media, that Laguna Seca It has inadequate water and sewage facilities.

All of this, together, puts the viability of the Californian track at serious risk and it remains to be seen how far the plaintiffs can go with their demands, but above all how justice will position itself in this whole mess. These are issues that remain to be seen.

The Laguna Seca circuit threatened by the "green religion"

Currently, the legendary track inaugurated in 1957, its activity is limited to 35 annual events. Since 2013, the iconic race that was once included in the annual MotoGP program has no longer been held. Nor can the WSBK be seen in Laguna Seca since 2019, so the tests held there are national in nature.

With this panorama, lots of questions come to mind, such as whether we will again enjoy epic battles like those in Stoner and Rossi or of the latter with Marquez in the mythical corkscrew curveWill we see them?… I hope so.

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