Nerva Exe goes on a biker rally until the 41st edition of “The Legend Continues”

This January the Nerva Exe was put to the test by a team of the brand’s engineers, making a demanding trip to the La Leyenda Continúa winter motorcycle rally. They undertook a journey from Madrid to Cantalejo on the back of the maxi scooter. All this to attest that electric vehicles are an equally valid option for traveling and incidentally attending any motorcycle rally.

Let us remember that the Nerva Exe is a maxi electric scooter equivalent to a 125 cc scooter. With maximum net power of 9 kW (12 kW peak) and top speed of 125km/hoffers an autonomy of up to 150 km with a single charge, depending on the driving mode (eco, normal or sport).

It is equipped with two lithium-ferrophosphate (LFP) batteries, with a total capacity of 5.76 kWh, manufactured by the giant BYD, which is also responsible for the assembly of the vehicles. A support that translates into quality, safety and efficiency.

The Nerva Exe ready for any adventure

January is the month of motorcycle rallies and thousands of two-wheeled lovers travel on their mounts to different corners of Spain, facing the cold and other inclement weather typical of this time, to enjoy their passion.

Exactly the same thing that a team of Nerva engineers has done that has starred in an exciting expedition to The Legend Continuesheld in the Segovian town of Cantalejo last January, to test their 100% electric maxi scooter: Nerva Exe.

An adventure that began in the center of Madrid and that took the members of the firm’s team to enjoy mythical roads for motorcyclists, such as those of Puerto del León, where they made the most of the Exe’s autonomy by playing with its different driving modes (ECO, NORMAL and SPORT).

The Nerva Exe goes on biker concentration until the 41st edition of "The Legend Continues"

A route around 140 kilometerswith important slopes such as those of the aforementioned mountain pass, which the maxi scooter negotiated without any difficulty, making a single stop to charge the battery.

The Nerva Exe tested the performance of the propulsion assembly (motor, power electronics and batteries) in cold conditions, one of the aspects that most concern users, and which, however, was passed with flying colors, as it did not affect to the range of use of the Exe.

The Nerva Exe can go wherever it wants

When you think of an electric motorcycle or scooter, it is generally related to urban or interurban trips, but of short duration. It is identified with merely functional daily use, and everything else is automatically discarded.

The Nerva Exe goes on biker concentration until the 41st edition of "The Legend Continues"

However, through this curious challenge, Nerva engineers have shown that it is possible to attend a biker rally, with a mountain route in between, in an electric car like the Exe. These are the reasons:

The team only had to make one stop halfway through the journey, having previously crossed the mountain pass, to load the vehicles. The fact that more and more places are prepared for electric charging and that the Exe also comes equipped with a charger with a connector Schuko-Type 2 (typical of the home electrical network), makes it very easy to charge it anywhere.

The power of Nerva EXE It was also key when it came to overcoming this challenge, as well as intelligent management of it. Playing with the different driving modes, the team members were able to tackle the highway sections, easily reaching 120 km/h with the SPORT mode, as well as the twistier areas, in which they were able to reduce using the NORMAL mode. .

The Nerva Exe goes on biker concentration until the 41st edition of "The Legend Continues"

In fact, to maximize battery performance, they also opted for ECO and took advantage of the regenerative braking in downhill areas, even recovering part of the charge. The engineers also took advantage of the stretch to install data acquisition systems on the motorcycles, in order to collect valuable information on the performance of the different systems.

The comfort of the Nerva maxi scooter is an extra point. By having a notably wide seat (which allows a passenger to be carried without sacrificing comfort) and facilitating a natural driving position, the 140 kilometers that connect Madrid and Cantalejo They felt like a sigh.

In addition, its fairing and windshield protected the rider from the cold and inclement weather, for a much more comfortable experience. Added to all this is the agility of the scooter, which allowed the engineers to enjoy the curved sections, in which the EXE defends itself with ease.

The Nerva Exe goes on biker concentration until the 41st edition of "The Legend Continues"

Available in two color versions (Matte Metallic Gray and Pearl White) the Nerva Exe features 3 year warranty (5 for batteries). For any questions and more information you can visit their website or visit one of the new official points of sale.

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