New Yadea Cocoa, the electric bicycle you need in your daily life

Style, intelligence, comfort, an assistant for exercise and for carrying loads, are qualities that define the Yadea Cocoa. User-centered, It is the perfect electric bicycle for all types of uses. Its structure combines the requirements of urban mobility and physical exercise with ergonomics that gives it comfort and relaxation.

The Yadea Cocoa is manufactured by the Chinese company Horwin, a specialist in electric mobility. The company has developed a strong presence in Europe. In the United States it will establish its headquarters in California.

An important step in its desire to conquer markets was the presentation of the Yadea Cocoa at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), in Las Vegas. At this event, every year the latest and best innovations in technology and electronics are exhibited. And the Yadea Cocoa had its prominent place in it, like other ebikes premium level of the brand.

What is Yadea Cocoa like?

It is a special electric bicycle, which is intended for a wide universe of users. Rideapart, the website of choice for bike and motorcycle enthusiasts, explains that the Yadea Cocoa is not a performance-oriented electric bike. Is a ebike urban conceived with a relaxed and broad vision of mobility.

The Yadea Cocoa is a smart electric bicycle. With empathy and sagacity, The designers have put themselves in the place of the common user who travels in this type of vehicle.

With digital intelligence, your mobility needs have been resolved. Essential in these times, The Cocoa has a smartphone connection system that allows you to view the cyclist’s favorite apps.

Yadea Cocoa

An interesting detail: It has a 5.5 inch screen which displays battery charge status, travel speed, calories burned, carbon emissions reduction and other metrics of interest to the cyclist. All in real time while the bike moves.

The Yadea Cocoa has an open rack that supports up to 50 kg. It is a comfortable and necessary device to carry packages, backpacks, bags and any of those packages that a user carries on a daily basis. It also supports the installation of baby carriers and other accessories.

Battery information and other technical specifications

The battery is considered a neuralgic point in an electric bicycle. There are people who choose their ebike paying special attention to this component. The Yadea Cocoa battery offers a capacity 30% greater than standards of the same size. It provides a range of close to 100 km on a single charge. Its useful life exceeds 1000 charge cycles.

Yadea Cocoa

The Cocoa is powered by a motor in the rear hub, with a power of 250 watts that allows a maximum speed of 24 km per hour. In addition, it has seven speeds to pedal accompanying the motor. And, of course, it has good hydraulic brakes.

A very important aspect is its resistance to low temperatures.. With antifreeze electrolytes and a temperature-protecting casing, Yadea Cocoa remains stable in climatic conditions from -20° C to 55° C. A highly valued condition, especially in some areas of the planet, which has been a weakness of most electric vehicles.

The retail price of the Yadea Cocoa and when it will be available on the market have not yet been revealed. Everything suggests that there will be news in a short time.

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