Nissan X-Trail Mountain Rescue: with tracks for the most extreme rescues

We could say that the Nissan X-Trail is a pretty SUVable, with which we were personally able to drive on snow thanks to the e-4ORCE technology. Electrification has helped this model achieve more precise all-wheel drive, but its capabilities could still be increased. Just look at the work done in the Nissan X-Trail Mountain Rescue, which is the ideal vehicle for the most extreme rescues. It is designed for ski slopes and high mountain environments where snow is the protagonist.

That is why its four wheels have been replaced by some special snow tracks which are what allow traction to be barely lost. Modifications have been necessary to the bumpers, which are now wider. A front winch and side stirrups are also incorporated, since their height increases by 23 cm compared to the series model. The set of lights and siren on the hood and roof could not be missing, as well as a luggage rack in which an evacuation stretcher and shovels can be carried.

In addition, the same e-4ORCE system is maintained in this Nissan X-Trail Mountain Rescue. That means it has the gasoline engine linked to two electrical blocks, one for each axis. Combustion is used to generate energy and it is electricity that moves the caterpillars. This all-wheel drive system acts up to 10,000 times faster than traditional ones, it is said to be capable of reacting to changes in adhesion levels in 0.0001 seconds. In this way, you can distribute the power to the wheels, in this case tracks, individually.

The mountain rescue model also has a deeply modified interior. The rear seats have been removed so that can install the stretcher and carry injured skiers safely. There is also a seat for the doctor to attend to the mark, as well as material to perform healing or a Oxygen bottle. The brand also wants to install digital signs on ski slopes to encourage users to slow down, like those we see with cars, to reduce the risk of collision.

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