No, Europe is not going to prohibit repairing vehicles over 15 years old

All of Europe is watching the movements of the European Union and its decisions, which sometimes consist of prohibiting. Hence there is one step to spreading a hoax, and even more so at a time when polarization, the search for an audience at any price and the scoop are more important than the truth.

It is for this reason that the hoax has begun to spread in Europe that the repair of vehicles over 15 years old was going to be prohibited. Logically, the avalanche of criticism of this supposed measure has not been long in coming, but it is all false.

In fact, the German colleagues from have been the ones who have pulled the thread until they discovered that behind this false news there was a clear political interest.

The background of the issue, everything that has given rise to the hoax, is a erroneous or purposefully misinterpreted interpretation of a circular economy proposal from June 2023, which referred to the recycling and recovery of vehicles.

Nothing about prohibiting repairing the vehicle, rather encouraging recycling so that repairing is more efficient, ecological and economical.

In it, manufacturers were asked to design vehicles so that their components can be disposed of or recycled more easily, as EU Commissioner for the Environment, Oceans and Fisheries, Virginicus Sinkeviius, said: “design vehicles in a circle-oriented manner and ensure they are a source of valuable spare parts, critical raw materials and other important resources such as high-quality recycled plastics and end-of-life steel”.

They come out better, in every way, extending the life of a motorcycle

The debate, if it takes place, will take place after the European elections this summer and would not affect in any way existing vehicles and, much less, the decision of users whether or not to repair their vehicles or other possessions.

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