No more scares with side winds. Honda’s incredible new patents show a steering assistant for these cases

New Honda patents They reveal to us what the Japanese firm is currently working on, or at least part of this evolutionary process, where it remains immersed in the development of innovative driving assistance systems.

Among them, two that would be related to mitigate crosswind action and involuntary lane changes. The news comes to us from Cycle World and the always well-informed Ben Purvis, who accurately breaks down the main idea that emerges from the new Honda patents.

New Honda patents in detail

In them we can see how the brand would be working on an actuator, as a steering damper, which would be responsible for assisting it in case of gusty wind from the side.

Installed in the steering head, this system would work together with an electronic control unit that in turn would collect different data and parameters through cruise control, tilt sensors, vision cameras or the torque emitted at all times. .

New Honda patents leaked that show us what the brand is currently working on

Depending on all this, this actuator would be responsible for exerting more or less lateral force, electronically assisting the direction in accordance with the force with which the wind acts on the body of the motorcycle.

In this way, it would try to maintain the ideal trajectory through a series of virtual lanes that the same management system traces in real time on the route we are taking at that moment.

New Honda patents leaked that show us what the brand is currently working on

Regarding the involuntary lane change warning system, the new Honda patents They are committed to installing a vibration system at the end of the handlebar, which would act, like the previous one, based on the information collected by the different intelligent systems that the motorcycle has.

In addition, it would have several vibration modes, with the intention of offering us different attention messages depending on their importance. As with game console controls, a system of this type would offer us real-time information on the position of the motorcycle at all times.

New Honda patents leaked that show us what the brand is currently working on

All of this, coordinated with the blind spot detection system on which the brand is also working or a state-of-the-art CCA, could bring Honda closer to its goal of zero traffic accidents, between now and 2050.

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