No more scooter. BMW finally patents what could be its first great electric motorcycle

BMW has had motorcycles, scooters to be specific, in its electric range for years. In fact, the BMW C evolution has been a reality for more than 10 years, as has the CE 04, although in this case it is more recent. But now BMW seems to want to go one step further, as demonstrated by the patents for what would be its first large electric motorcycle.

The documents, leaked by CycleWorld colleagues, show us a design that has nothing to do with a new scooter but with a larger motorcycle. It is a platform for a large electric motorcycle, although with these plans it is difficult to determine what type of model it will serve as a platform for.

What we can rule out, at least initially, is that this configuration as presented has to do with trail-cut models. Although the really interesting part of this patent for a first large electric motorcycle from BMW is not at that point, but in what the area that would house the batteries would be like.

Precisely that point could be interchangeable with different versions and modifications, to adapt it from trail bikes to sports bikes to custom, naked… The entire range of possibilities is open with a housing for the batteries that would at the same time be a structural area of ​​the entire assembly.

The chassis of BMW’s first large electric motorcycle would be a monocoque

And what this patent shows is a three-level structure, in which both the batteries and the controls and other electronic equipment that the motorcycle needs would be housed. But, in addition, this piece is essential because it will be the monocoque chassis and, therefore, it is a structural part of vital importance.

Inside there are three trays to house all the devices

In a certain way and overcoming the differences, we could say that it is transferring the concept of a self-supporting engine from the gasoline models, in the sense in which a part necessary for propulsion, in this case the one in charge of supplying electricity, also had a determining role in the cycle part.

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