Norton will have a new range of models by 2026

Norton will have a new range of models from 2026. This is the main idea that TVS Motor is currently working on, the Indian automotive giant that acquired the British company in 2020 for just over 18 million euros. So Kunnath Narayanan Radhakrishnan took command of it and the brand began a new stage in its more than 120 years of life.

Subsequently, the brand registered new commercial names and by the end of 2021 it inaugurated its new headquarters in Solihull (England). In mid-2022 TVS made a capital injection of more than 100 million pounds and the English firm was already working at full capacity manufacturing new models such as the V4 SV and old acquaintances like the 961 Commando.

Already in 2023 we met the Norton V4CR, a handmade neo-retro with a black leg and the brand celebrated its 125 years by reissuing in a limited edition of the classic liveries that made history. However, during these last three years we have not seen significant reforms in the company’s philosophy that have an impact on a commercial level and its global expansion.

Norton prepares a new range of models maintaining the brand’s philosophy

This is definitely going to change and just like other leading brands in the sector already do with their Asian partners, Norton will begin to take advantage of the potential that TVS Motor can offer them with the creation of a new range of models that seems to be already in the oven, according to Radhakrishnan, CEO of the Birmingham firm, said:

Norton will have a new range of models by 2026

“We need to have a healthy product portfolio. Now we are designing, developing and putting those products in their entirety and will take six to eight quarters start to fully reap the benefits of that.”

And continues: “There is a great opportunity to TVS Motor, given the type of design and development capacity and quality orientation that we have. At this point, we have a clear roadmap to Norton in what market, what type of market and how we want to penetrate. Closer to launch I can give more details. We are confident that Norton will add portfolio to TVS and generate very good results for the company.”

Norton will have a new range of models by 2026

The company marks the year 2026 as the moment where the commercialization of this will start new range of models. Furthermore, it is more than possible that, like other brands, they will begin to offer new frames of lower displacement and cost, aimed at other market segments, but always maintaining the premium category that has distinguished Norton for decades.

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