Not all of them manufacture in China. Yamaha bets on a new factory in France

Currently, there are many manufacturers who choose to turn to the Asian market to have their production plants. Lower costs, more facilities and, especially, more profitability. However, we have seen brands, such as in this case Yamaha, that are also committed to producing on European soil.

The Japanese manufacturer has always had a very close link with France. In fact, since 1986 it had owned a production plant called MBK Industrie SAS. However, although some Yamaha models were produced, it was not part of the brand, at least officially.

Now, this factory from which models such as the Ténéré 700, the MT-125 or the XMAX are produced, becomes the base of Yamaha’s European production, also receiving the name Yamaha Motor Manufacturing Europe.

The Yamaha plant in France will also be in charge of manufacturing electric vehicles

According to Yamaha, this reinforces the brand’s commitment to local European manufacturing which, in turn, they perceive as a competitive and sustainable advantage. Proof of this is that the plant’s range of products will be diversified to produce electric vehicles.

We can say that the name change is, therefore, the first step in a great evolution that Yamaha intends to establish in its new European headquarters where there has even been a change of CEO, since Olivier Prevost has replaced Eri Seynes from the beginning. of year.

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