Olympian Model 01: praising the classics since electrification

Most new electric cars follow a futuristic design trend that helps them differentiate themselves from the rest. However, there are also others who want to seek differentiation through classical lines and it could make a lot of sense. From the United States comes a company founded in 2021 that wants to change the rules and focus on aesthetics or quality of production above other factors. Its first model is Olympian Model 01 and it is an electric car that is already accepting orders in the American market.

This firm established in New York has created a new platform to give life to electric vehicles of a very different nature. The Model 01 is an ode to the classics of the beginning of the last century, with its suggestive and contoured lines that were lost. The rounded headlights stand out (with LED technology, of course), that triangle-shaped grille and the legendary spoked wheels. The two-tone paint on the body gives it a touch, while the rear is reminiscent of those teardrop shaped modelsincluding some vertical pilots.

The chassis offers a significant degree of rigidity and is made to be impact-proof thanks to the carbon fiber and titanium reinforcements. In the cabin, safety also stands out, in addition to minimalism. The invasive screens that current cars are used to do not appear and they have been removed 80% of buttons. In its place there is a Head-Up Display and its own operating system that relies on voice control for most functions. The circular instrumentation clocks have that charm that only the classics had.

The Olympian Model 01 is a purely electric model that uses a 310 HP and 414 Nm of torque, enough to move it. It has no sporting aspirations, as it is a 4.96 meter long sedan that weighs 2,045 kg. However, it achieves 0 to 96 km/h in 5.7 seconds and has a top speed of 257 km/h. It is a powered car with 82 kWh battery in the case of the four-door model and 48 kWh in the two-door model. This means that the autonomy reaches 491 kilometers in the first and 325 kilometers in the second.

The battery is lithium ion and has 400 V technology. In alternating current it accepts charges of up to 11 kW and fast direct current charges amount to 125 kW. This model is currently only offered in the American market. Accepts reservations with a deposit of $500 and the final price is $80,000. A high rate that is the price to pay for the exclusivity of classic style in an electric key.

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