Paris declares war on heavy SUVs: they will pay triple for parking

It’s official now, Paris declares war on heavy SUVs and has voted in favor of heavier vehicles paying a higher fee in their parking lots. It was a measure that was submitted to a referendum so that the citizens of the French capital would be the ones to decide, although participation was a major disappointment. Only 5.7% of Parisians went to the polls, barely 78,000 people, who were the ones who decided that these cars they are going to pay triple for parking.

54.55% of the votes were for the measure to raise rates for all gasoline, diesel or hybrid vehicles that exceed 1,600 kg in weight. It also applies to electric vehicles that exceed 2,000 kg, increasing the figure taking into account the excess weight that the batteries give them. Are all resident citizens exempt in Paris, in addition to taxi drivers, merchants, health services or people with disabilities. There is talk that it could reach 10% of the vehicles that go to the capital.

Those who do not reside there and who have heavy vehicles will pay until 18 euros for parking one hour in the middle. It is a very considerable increase if we take into account that before you paid 6 euros for the same time. As for the somewhat more remote areas, they will pay 12 euros per hour. Although we said that the war is against SUVs for being proportionally heavier, there are others that are included. The Plug-in hybrids are the most notablesince in a compact size such as the Mercedes A250e the weight exceeds 1,600 kg.

The measure by the mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, which has been fighting pollution in the city center for some time. After pedestrianizing many areas and expanding the bike lane network, this decision has aroused quite a bit of controversy, which could raise up to 35 million additional euros per year. Although it is true that citizens have not been too involved, taking into account participation at the polls. Paris becomes the first city to tax cars by weight and opens the ban for other countries to adopt similar measures.

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