Price and availability of all Honda news for 2024

In the month of November we met a good part of the Honda news for the 2024 season. The company has just announced the price and availability for some of its main models, among which the new ones stand out CB500 Hornet, NX500 and CBR500R.

The new 500 range has benefited from a significant number of improvements, especially in terms of design and connectivity. Despite this, Honda has made a significant effort to maintain the same prices as its predecessors.

These are the models that are already available in the official Honda dealer network, in addition to the new Africa Twin and Africa Twin Adventure 2024, whose price and availability have already been presented, among the Honda newsat the beginning of the year

Main Honda news for 2024

Honda CB500 Hornet 2024

Price and availability of all Honda news for 2024

The Hornet family will have a new third member within the Honda news 2024: the CB500 Hornetwhich arrives with aggressive new styling, inspired by its two older sisters, and aerodynamic performance befitting the iconic Hornet name.

The CB500 Hornet fairing incorporates ducts on the sides of the headlight that channel air to the upper area of ​​the fuel tank, which contributes to improved handling. A new LED headlight projects its light more widely to increase visibility.

The power and torque of the 471 cc engine They meet the maximum requirements for the A2 license, while the updated injection settings improve acceleration feel from low revs. A major improvement to the model is the adoption of an HSTC traction control system for greater safety.

The components of its cycle part include Showa SFF-BP USD 41mm inverted forkShowa rear shock absorber and front double disc with four-piston calipers, while a new 5 inch TFT screen offers connectivity Honda RoadSync with smartphone. The price of the new CB500 Hornet 2024 is 6,790 euros and it is now available in the brand’s dealers.

Honda NX500 2024

Price and availability of all Honda news for 2024

The Honda news 2024 They include the iconic ‘NX’ name, which returns to the brand’s range with the new NX500. With its meaning of ‘New X-over’The NX500, building on the popularity of the outgoing CB500X, features new styling and a host of upgrades to its specifications and features.

Dynamic behavior has been improved thanks to a reduction of 3 kg, of which 1.5 kg correspond to the new cast aluminum wheels. The 41mm Showa Separate Function Fork Big Piston (SFF-BP) inverted fork It has new settings. In the thermodynamic part, greater acceleration stands out thanks to the new settings of the gasoline injection system.

Price and availability of all Honda news for 2024

Other updates, included within the Honda news 2024arrive in the form of a new 5-inch TFT screen, Honda RoadSync smartphone connectivity and HSTC control

Commanded by a new headlight, its aesthetics have been completely renewed, with new plastics from front to back, combining a compact Adventure style with an imposing silhouette and solidity of forms. The price of the new NX500 2024 It is 7,350 euros and it is now available in the brand’s dealers.

Honda CBR500R 2024

Price and availability of all Honda news for 2024

The gateway to the CBR Super Sports family also receives improvements for 2024, within the Honda news. With a style inspired by the Fireblade, it includes a new headlight and taillight, as well as a renewed body that incorporates spoilers to improve the feel of the front axle. New graphics and colors increase the look of ‘baby Blade’ of the CBR500R and new injection settings improve acceleration at low rpm.

The new 5-inch full-color TFT display is operated via easy-to-use backlit switches and also acts as the interface for the new Honda RoadSync connectivity. The price of the new CBR500R 2024 is 7,400 euros and it is now available in the brand’s dealers.

Honda CB650R and CBR650R 2024

Price and availability of all Honda news for 2024

The CB650RHonda’s middleweight naked, and its sister, the CBR650R Both receive a style renewal and new technology for 2024. The exclusive Neo Sports Café look of the CB650R has evolved thanks, among others, to its front dominated by the new inclined LED headlight. In addition, it incorporates new radiator covers and new, sharper rear covers finished with a new taillight.

For its CBR sister, the redesigned dual LED headlights are complemented by updated upper and lower fairings and a revised tail. Both bikes feature Honda RoadSync connectivity on a new 5-inch full-color TFT display designed for optimal readability on bright days.

The CB650R and CBR650R are also the first Honda motorcycles available (as an option) with the innovative Honda E-Clutch technology, the world’s first fully automatic clutch for conventionally geared motorcycles, designed to make motorcycling, both for both the beginner and the expert, it is even more fun and exciting:

  • Honda CB650R: 8,990 euros. Immediate availability
  • Honda CB650R E-Clutch: price ND Availability in spring
  • Honda CBR650R: 10,000 euros. Immediate availability
  • Honda CBR650R E-Clutch: ND Spring availability

Honda Gold Wing Tour 2024

Price and availability of all Honda news for 2024

Since its introduction in 1975, the Honda Goldwing has always represented the ultimate expression of two-wheeled tourism and has earned a lasting and unrivaled reputation for luxury, quality, style and comfort.

The Gold Wing Tour, available only with DCT and airbagwill incorporate two new color combinations, within the Honda news for 2024: Heavy Metallic Gray, with Graphite Black details and brown engine covers, and Pearl Glare White with new Graphite Black details.

The popular Beta Silver with Metallic Iridium Gray details continues as in 2023. The price of the new Gold Wing Tour is 40,700 euros and it is now available in the brand’s dealers.

Honda CMX500 Rebel 2024

Price and availability of all Honda news for 2024

Within the Honda news For 2024, the CMX500 Rebel receives two new and current paint options, Seal Silver Metallic and Laurel Green Matte Metallic, joining the Gunpowder Black Matte Metallic, which continues from 2023. The price of the new CMX500 Rebel is 7,000 euros and it is now available in the brand’s dealers.

Honda SH125 and SH Mode 2024

Price and availability of all Honda news for 2024

Both models receive a new look for 2024, starting with the new “Vetro” version of the SH125i. The Vetro is the original creation (and a tribute to technical ability) of the Honda factory staff in Atessa, Italy.

Features exclusive unpainted semi-transparent green fairing panels (which produce 9.5% fewer emissions per year compared to standard coloring methods). Its new aesthetic, within the Honda news For 2024, it also features a black front fender, black lower fairing with a striking white Honda logo and a silver SH logo on the upper fairing.

Joining the Matte Coal Black Metallic, the SH125i also benefits from a second “Sporty Edition” (SE) in Cool Matte Pearl White (both SE versions feature additional black accents around the controls and on the front and lower fairings, red stitching on the seat and exclusive logos, badges and graphics).

Price and availability of all Honda news for 2024

New color combinations also arrive in the standard version, within the Honda news for 2024, incorporating all new wheels and black details:

  • Pearl Falcon Gray,
  • Cool White Matte Pearlescent
  • Pacific Blue Matte Pearlescent
  • Black Nightstar

The SH Mode 125 arrives in 2024 with two new colors, included within these Honda news: Luster Candy Red and Matte Galaxy Black Metallic, which join the two existing colors: Pearl Jasmine White and Matte Techno Silver Metallic.

  • Honda SH125i: 4,089 euros. Immediate availability
  • Honda SH Mode: 3,050 euros. Immediate availability

For more information and details about the Honda news 2024 You can visit your nearest distributor or visit the brand’s official website.

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