Range Rover Safari by Lunaz: electrification and modernizing the icon

Restomods are the order of the day. In case you still don’t know, this term is known as a restoration of a car (generally classic and of a certain value) in which modifications of any kind are applied to make it more up-to-date. This modernization is also going through electrification, as this technology could be the salvation for many historic vehicles. If not, tell this one Range Rover Safari by Lunazwhich will attract everyone’s attention both inside and outside the city.

Lunaz is a British company that has specialized in converting to electric authentic automotive gems such as the Aston Martin DB6 or the Bentley S3 Continental Flying Spur. Although they had also dabbled with the original Range Rover, now they wanted to do something very different. Inspired by that short wheelbase Safari that was driven by James Bond in his movie Octopussy In 1983 they made this spectacular specimen. The work has been very different from what they did with the hardtop and it has been reflected in the hours invested.

They have employed more than 5,000 hours In the development and production of this Range Rover Safari and Lunaz had to reinforce the chassis and body in an exemplary way to deal with the loss of the roof. Still they managed to do it maintaining the original shapesinstalling a dark blue hood that would match that body painted in Maya Blue. Needless to say, it is a unique order made by a client, although it could make some sense if we saw it in a series limited to a few units.

He cabin It was a significant challenge and more than 1,000 hours were already invested in it. This part is completely different from what the original model had. Improvements have been made at an ergonomic and technological level, with a new 3D printed dashboard and center console. They host a digital screen so that the client has Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity, in addition to the reversing camera. Climate controls or USB-C ports could not be missing either.

Quality is maintained with moldings of Mocca walnut wood and also through the seats. They have heating and leather upholstery and a new waterproof and chlorine-resistant fabric. Although the main novelty was that it got rid of the original V8 to make way for a totally electric propulsion system. Develop 380 HP and 700 Nm of torque, while offering around 400 kilometers of autonomy. To cope with the improvements, the suspension is renewed with adjustable shock absorbers and custom-made springs or with six- and four-piston disc brakes.

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