Recall for the new BMW R 1300 GS

We can say that 2024 has not started as BMW expected, at least with its new R 1300 GS 2024. The model, which we were able to test thoroughly, began to arrive at dealerships at the end of last year. The renovation that the model underwent put it in the spotlight and many have opted for it.

However, there is a fault that began to affect some of these R 1300 GS and that could result in a short circuit in the most serious cases. As reported by our German colleagues at Motorrad, there have been several vehicles that have had this problem that originates from a “insignificant” relay.

This relay is located in the starter motor and after the first investigations into this matter, it seems that its insulation was not correct and could end up failing by creating small cracks.

If this was done, the starter motor would start working even with the motorcycle already running. This process of continuous operation of the starter motor ended up producing so much temperature that the situation could end up in a serious situation.

The problem was not realizing it in time or not having the necessary tools, since disconnecting the battery could stop the problem. However, if you were not able or did not know how to do it, the situation could get very ugly. In fact, problems have been reported even on test bikes, since the Austrian medium suffered from it.

In that case, after quickly analyzing the situation, they were able to disconnect the battery when the area was already overheated, which melted part of the plastic coating, although the scare was not serious.

Delays and recall of the BMW R 1300 GS

Since the beginning of January there have been delays in the delivery of the model due to this reason and not only in Central Europe. We also know of delays in the United Kingdom and all the units that are arriving have to first be updated by changing the relay.

Although it has only been reported in Germany and Austria, we know that there have also been problems in the United Kingdom

Furthermore, as is usual at BMW, the campaign for motorcycles that could be affected has already begun to try to minimize the chances of these problems arising again.

According to BMW, there have only been 854 affected vehicles in Germany and 85 in Austria, although as we say there is evidence that, at least, in the United Kingdom there have been affected users.

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