recycled Nespresso capsules. This electric bike already uses them in its frame, and it is just as resistant

Electric bicycles have gained popularity in recent years, mainly due to environmental preservation efforts and the search for more sustainable alternatives to internal combustion vehicles. In addition to its contribution to reducing emissions, Electric bike manufacturers are using innovative techniques and interesting materials in the production of their products.

Eco sustainable mountain bike

A clear example of this is the new Miloo Xplorer Beast, a Powerful electric mountain bike designed for maximum performance both on paved roads and off-road. What makes this bike even more special is the fact that it is made with a sleek carbon fiber frame.

However, recently the Swiss company has collaborated with Nespresso to create a version of the Xplorer Made with recycled Nespresso capsules instead of carbon. While Nespresso capsules are known for their convenience and taste, it is also true that they generate waste in the form of spent capsules. By collaborating with Nespresso, Miloo seeks to offer a more sustainable and environmentally conscious alternative.

Manufacturing process from Nespresso capsules

The idea of ​​manufacturing the bicycle frame with recycled capsules is truly innovative and demonstrates the company’s commitment to reduce your environmental impact. The manufacturing process of this special version of the Xplorer begins with the collection of used capsules. In this sense, Nespresso has a recycling program in which consumers can return their spent capsules for proper disposal.

As they tell us at, these capsules are collected and subsequently processed to obtain the material necessary for the manufacture of the bicycle frame. Once the capsules are collected, they go through a process of cleaning and separating the metal and plastic components. The resulting plastic is subjected to a recycling process to obtain a material suitable for the manufacture of the bicycle frame.

eco bike

The recycled material is resistant, light and durable, essential features for manufacturing a high-performance mountain bike. In addition to being a more sustainable alternative, the bicycle frame made from recycled Nespresso capsules is also visually appealing.

The unique design of the capsules, combined with Miloo’s cutting-edge craftsmanship and technology, creates a Modern and elegant look that is sure to appeal to cyclists with refined taste. The collaboration between Miloo and Nespresso not only demonstrates the innovation capacity of both companies, but also highlights the importance of the circular economy and recycling in the electric mobility industry.

Recycled materials

eco bike

As part of the collaboration, Nespresso will provide recycled aluminum to Miloo, who will then use it to build frames and rims for their electric bicycles. Miloo ensures that other recycled materials are also used for other components of the bike, such as tyres, saddles and grips (all made from some degree of recycled rubber). Bicycle paint and packaging are also said to incorporate recycled materials

According to Anna Bory, co-founder of Miloo Bikes, the partnership with Nespresso is an important step in the development of greener vehicles that can replace cars. Miloo is committed to challenging the soft mobility industry to develop even more credible and environmentally friendly vehicles.

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