Restomod within reach of a select few

Throughout the planet there are thousands of preparers who could convert an archaic Honda CB900F eighties in an incredible restomod project with great detail. However, when one seeks excellence in a preparation of this type, the name of Hiroyuki Nakamura and AC-Sanctuary They are the first to appear in the middle of our daydreams.

This is what probably happened to “Mr. .

The theory is that this past Christmas his long-awaited CB900F would be finished, but that meticulousness taken to the extreme, by Nakamura and his team, caused the delivery to be delayed a few days.

Specifically, until the latter managed to hit the nail on the head, in terms of carburetion, and this incredible restomod project ended up looking and working perfectly.

Honda CB900F by AC-Sanctuary in detail

They say that “a picture is worth a thousand words” and when we talk about a preparation coming from the AC-Sanctuary facilities, this expression takes on special relevance. You just have to take a little look at this one CB900F to realize that each of the details that make it up has a specific mission.

Honda CB900F by AC-Sanctuary Restomod available to a select few

So starting from this basis, Nakamura’s team completely dismantled the CB900F, leaving the chassis completely free of components. The first thing to do was smooth out any original welds that did not have a good finish, and then reinforce the parts subjected to more torsion.

Once this process was completed, we proceeded to install a CNC machined Sculpture swingarm, a true virguería that, in addition to being visually impressive, allows the mounting of a larger section tire on the rear axle. Subsequently, new rear supports were installed to finish attaching both Ohlins side shock absorbers black leg

Honda CB900F by AC-Sanctuary Restomod available to a select few

Nakamura was also in charge of regulating the geometries to adapt them to the height and weight of “Mr. K.” The inverted front fork and the CNC-made triple clamp play a special role here. Using the same method, new clamp supports were manufactured where a couple of units are now anchored Brembo.

These are responsible for biting two Sunstar discs specially manufactured for this type of preparations. The set looks special, in conjunction with the 17” OZ Racing wheelsroads with tires Metzeler Sportec M7 RR. All this combined with an aesthetic that faithfully maintains the style patterns of the model.

Honda CB900F by AC-Sanctuary Restomod available to a select few

Although Nakamura does not like the side covers that the standard model comes with, the rest of the fibers have been respected, as well as the original fuel tank that this model sports. CB900F. Additionally, its owner wanted to keep the bike’s color scheme unchanged, so before sending it to paint, AC-Sanctuary purchased an original graphics kit.

Handlebars and weights from RCM, custom footpegs, darkened engine parts or a thorough revision of the clutch and gearbox are also part of this restomod project. As icing on the cake, the mechanics were completely rebuilt, installing a replacement kit. Yoshimura Mikuni TMR-MJN36 carburetors and renewing any deteriorated parts.

Honda CB900F by AC-Sanctuary Restomod available to a select few

Besides, the CB900F by AC-Sanctuary now has a 4 in 1 Nitro Racing Weldcraft 3D titanium exhaust, in charge of providing the soundtrack for this exclusive preparation. An authentic rolling sculpture that has earned, by right, entry into that longed-for motorcycle heaven where Nakamura is in charge of giving the approval.

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