Rumors about a Yamaha R9 are getting stronger, it could arrive before the end of the year

No one doubts that the Yamaha R6 is one of the great sports cars of all time. That with the new Supersport regulations in the WSBK and the Next Generation have been left behind, it is evident. That is why for a long time we have been hearing and reading rumors that a new Yamaha R9 is coming.

These rumors have always made us think of a radical and sporty motorcycle that would take advantage of this new regulation that has changed the competition, and that allows three-cylinder and twin-cylinder engines with larger displacement. For this reason and since the brand with the three tuning forks already has engines of this class on the market, thinking about a Yamaha R9 was not far-fetched.

But, as we said, all of these were assumptions with no solid clues that could support these theories… until now. And coinciding with the preseason tests that are taking place in Portimao these days, there has been a comment that, precisely, leads us down the path of a Yamaha R9.

Greg Haines, Eurosport commentator, is present at these tests and has been in charge of collecting, first-hand, the growing rumor in the WSBK paddock that this will be the last year of the Yamaha R6 competing.

At the moment it is not known what configuration the Yamaha R9 will have

This does not mean that Yamaha is going to leave the category, but rather it suggests that before the end of the year we could see the new Yamaha R9 for the first time. From that point on, everything else is speculation about what type of engine it will use, whether three-cylinder or twin-cylinder, when we can see it and even that its name is Yamaha R9, because the R8 is also available.

The current R6 model has been on the market since 2017

In any case, what does seem to be clear is that the cycle of the Yamaha R6 is about to come to an end. A successful reign, a revolution in the segment and a motorcycle that has been evolving since its arrival, being competitive in the hands of different riders in all the championships in which it has participated.

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