Ryvid is having so much success with its electrics that it has already expanded its factory and is working on more models.

The American brand Ryvidbased in Irvine, California, recently issued a statement, according to Ride Apart colleagues, where it announced its business plans for 2024. Specialized in the development and manufacturing of electric motorcycles, Ryvid has been working on what is currently its flagship, the Anthem, since 2022..

In addition, the brand has developed an update plan for its San Bernardino facilities, where it is currently working at full capacity manufacturing the first commercialized units of the Anthem, after opening its reservation window in the US in August. 2022 and later in Europe last 2023.

In the words of the company’s founder, Dong Tran: “Opening our own factory has allowed us to further streamline the manufacturing process, accelerating what is already a rapid production process, allowing Ryvid to quickly move to new models and focus on new market segments.”

And continues: “While growth is important for any business model, we are going to prioritize the pillars of our company, which are accessibility, innovation, sustainability and community”.

Ryvid will work on three pillars: Accessibility, innovation and sustainability

Let us remember that the Ryvid Anthem It has an electric motor housed in the swingarm capable of generating a nominal power of 7.5 KW, about 10 HP of power, with peaks of up to 18 HP. The maximum declared torque is 338 Nm. The propeller works with a lithium-ion battery, 4.3 kWh capacity.

The brand declares a maximum speed of 120km/h and one toaverage range of 120 kilometers. For a complete recharge of this we would need some 3 hours approximately in a conventional 220 V socket.

Ryvid announces the expansion of its range in 2024

All this accompanied by a chassis equipped with 17” wheels, disc brakes on both wheels or a forceful inverted fork at the front, along with an independent monoshock anchored at the rear.

Its price starts at 8,995 euros, about 8,250 euros, and the brand hopes to distribute its next batch of reserves next spring. For more information and details about the current Anthem or the future plans of the Californian brand, you can consult directly on its official website.

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