SEAT will continue making cars, although it seems that small access electric cars

For a long time there has been talk about the disappearance of SEAT as we know it. It seems almost confirmed that in the future it will be the Volkswagen Group brand most focused on urban mobility, with a special predilection for scooters, motorcycles or quadricycles. However, now it seems that this does not exclude cars. It seems that in the medium term they could expand their range with a small electric accesssomething that had already been talked about, but that seemed ruled out after the strong emergence of Cupra.

While the current SEAT range continues to be produced until the end of its commercial life, it seems that It will not be the end of passenger cars for the Spanish firm. They would adopt in their family a derivative of the next Volkswagen ID.1, the smallest and cheapest electric vehicle from the Volkswagen Group, closely related to urban mobility. In this way it would distance itself from the Cupra Raval, which is based on the ID.2, with a superior size and positioning. In addition, the launch deadline has been set: it is expected to arrive in five years.

This has been confirmed Marcus Gossen, responsible for Seat and Cupra in the United Kingdom, who also said that the Spanish firm was ideal to provide the entry level for the Volkswagen Group. Although there is no official confirmation, it seems that this future electric SEAT would cost less than the future Volkswagen ID.1, approaching that psychological barrier of 20,000 euros. It is clear that it will have nothing to do with the previous SEAT Mii, as it will be based on the MEB Entry platform and will be more advanced in all its aspects.

Everything indicates that the way to reduce the price of that copy will be to give up some equipment. I could do without the big screens to give a greater prominence to the smartphone. The quality is also supposed to be behind other models, after all, it could also be as a vehicle carsharing in places where it works, as is the case of Spain. While this could be the last production SEAT, the rest of the range will remain with us for a while. minor updates. This is the case of the León or the Ateca, which will present a facelift soon.

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